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one by one, the goods and services that will update their rates

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one by one, the goods and services that will update their rates

In a context marked by different announcements with which the Government seeks to promote consumption and lower inflation, and in which private consultants estimate a monthly variation of between 8.6 and 9% for May, June will arrive with increases in basic products such as bread and milk that will put a raised floor on the sixth month of the year, the last official data with which the STEP will be reached. Also in bus services, subway, fuel, private schools, prepaid, cable and telephony.

In a context where the government seeks to boost consumption and combat inflation, a challenging outlook is approaching for the next month. Despite the efforts of the Ministry of Economy, private consultants estimate that May it would register a monthly variation of between 8.6% and 9%, which will generate a shadow of concern for the sixth month of the year.

Hit the pocket: what foods will increase in June

Milk is one of the basic foods that will increase in price in June. Photo File.

According to the newspaper Perfil, storekeepers anticipated that starting tomorrow some major milk suppliers will increase the product by 10%, driving inflation whose main protagonist is food, that rose above the general average.

As of the first day of the month, bread could rise up to 12% due to the increase, authorized by the Government, in the price of subsidized flour. Thus, the product could cost $750 per kilo.

Transportation: with inflation in June, rates will increase

Public transport fares will be updated with June inflation. Photo File.

In addition, based on the application of the adjustment formula that since March is governed by the Consumer Price Index of Greater Buenos Aires, transportation will have an increase of 8.6%. Thus, the minimum bus ticket in the AMBA will cost $46.35 and the train ticket between $22.51 and $29.12.

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From June 5 the subway also will undergo an adjustment, and will go from $67 to $74 per trip. A fourth increase is planned for September.

Fuel will increase in June: what is the percentage of the increase

June is coming and fuel prices will rise again in the region. Photo File.

After the renewal of the price agreement with the Government, the oil companies will apply in June an increase of 4% average in gasoline and diesel that sell throughout the country.

Monthly increase ceilings were set Until the 15 of AugustThe Secretary of Commerce, Matías Tombolini, stated that “the signing of this agreement allows us to give a predictability signal to consumers, users and companies”.

June increases: private and prepaid schools will be more expensive due to inflation

Private school fees will increase between 11.1% and 7.5%. Photo File.

Private schools, although they had agreed a monthly increase of 3.35% within the framework of the program, renegotiated the increases. Quotas will suffer an increase of 11.1% in CABA and 7.5% in Greater Buenos Aires.

Private medicine companies will also increase by 5.49%, according to the Health Cost Index calculated by the Ministry. The increase will be applied without distinction of income to all users, as it had happened in April.

Telephone and internet will update their rates in June: what will be the percentage of the increase

Internet services, satellite cable, fixed and mobile telephony will suffer increases in June. Photo File.

In a new blow to the user’s pocket, it was announced that the postpaid and mixed plans for mobile telephony, internet, fixed telephony and satellite cable will suffer a 4.5% increase in their rates. This news has raised concerns among consumers, who are already facing financial hardships and looking to make the best use of their money.

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The increase, which will take effect shortly, will affect millions of people who depend on these communication and information services in their daily lives. Both postpaid mobile telephony plans and mixed plans, which include internet, fixed telephony and satellite cable, will suffer the adjustment in their prices.

Deep increases in June: the renewal and update of rental contracts, a headache for tenants

Inflation will impact the renewal and updating of rental contracts in June. Photo File.

The impact of inflation in goods and services will be even greater for those who have to renew their rental contracts or for consumers who have not yet received the unsubsidized electricity rate.

Due to the removal of subsidies to the highest income sectors in MayOr, many users will see the impact of the increases on June bills.

In addition, and as happens every month, Those who have to renew their rental contract or make a new one will have to face, according to the Rental Contract Index (ICL) of the Central Bank, a 100% annual rise in values.

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