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One dancer and one spectator, a magical encounter between two points of view

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Only one protagonist and one scomb for each rerun: the “Eden” show opens “Paradise”, the theatrical season of Spazio Kor. In the regional premiere, with reservations required, it will be staged in 15-minute shifts, for several performances: Saturday 8 January from 19 to 22; Sunday 9 from 10 to 22.

«Eden» is a dance for a single spectator, an intimate encounter between two bodies in very different positions: the stage and the audience. «On closer inspection an exercise in captivity that concerns both bodies, apparently complicit in a renunciation of paradise in absolute mutual solitude – tell the protagonists – But the exceptional nature of the context suggests that this is not the case. No renunciation: paradise is exactly in front of you, it is that person who is in front of you, from the stage to the audience or from the audience to the stage, in the absolute reversibility of the encounter. The circumstances in which we find ourselves favor a different perception of something that has never stopped acting in the pact between spectator and performer. And it is understanding between bodies ».

In «Eden» the viewer will not encounter a choreography, but of people who dance exclusively “to understand you and to be understood, in a single space”. The author Michele Di Stefano adds: «You will be two to watch and therefore you will be two to dance, you will be the opposite of the gathering, infinite reverberation in the vastness of your two places that are one place. Any production of image runs the risk of removing one of the two poles from this intensity, re-establishing a type of relationship that in these circumstances would sound like a lost opportunity. A lost paradise. This is why I asked the performers to keep intact an unstable vulnerability, which from my point of view is an eminently choreographic gesture, and to never give in to the temptation to show themselves. Only in this way, in mutual surrender, each of you will also be the other and the dance will reveal itself for what it is: an eternally nascent state.“. The idea of ​​”Eden” metaphorically proposes the theater as the marvelous garden where the first meeting between two people took place, regardless of how biblically it ended between Adam and Eve: the authors care about “the idea of ​​the first meeting, in this case between spectator and dancer even in the distance between the audience and the stage ».

“Eden” is the first show of the “Paradise” season with the artistic direction of Chiara Bersani and Giulia Traversi, who for a year have been working with Spazio Kor (managed by the Craft association) to create a billboard with national and international artists “with which to experiment an artistic adaptation of their performances, to make the theater more accessible to an audience with disabilities “. The whole Paradise season will in fact be focused on the concept of care, both towards the spectators and the artists. “At this moment it is essential that culture can be a tool to create well-being in people – explain Bersano and Traversi – and that through participation in events we can go back to building a relationship with the other, after a period that has created inequality and isolation”.

The choreographic project is by Michele Di Stefano (who also takes care of the stage coordination with Biagio Caravano), conceived by Emanuele Masi for Bolzano Danza 2020. With Francesca Linnea Ugolini, Francesco Saverio Cavaliere, Marta Ciappina, Luciano Ariel Lanza and Laura Scarpini. Music by Jeff Buckley, You & I. Organization by Carlotta Garlanda; distribution Jean François Mathieu. A co-production from Bolzano Danza / Tanz Bozen and KLm 2020. Due to organizational problems, however, the presentation of the book «Cheerful heart» by Viola Lo Moro scheduled for tomorrow in the foyer of Spazio Kor will not take place. Tickets 8 euros; 5 reduced. –

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