Home Entertainment One question and one answer▏Wang Xiaofei’s S family? Chen Feiyu Zhang Jingyi? Song Weilong news? Tang Yan news? Yang Mi Weibo? Cai Wenjing and Peng Guanying three matches? _what_work_cooperation

One question and one answer▏Wang Xiaofei’s S family? Chen Feiyu Zhang Jingyi? Song Weilong news? Tang Yan news? Yang Mi Weibo? Cai Wenjing and Peng Guanying three matches? _what_work_cooperation

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One question and one answer▏Wang Xiaofei’s S family? Chen Feiyu Zhang Jingyi? Song Weilong news? Tang Yan news? Yang Mi Weibo? Cai Wenjing and Peng Guanying three matches? _what_work_cooperation

Original title: One question, one answer ▏ Wang Xiaofei’s S family? Chen Feiyu Zhang Jingyi? Song Weilong news? Tang Yan news? Yang Mi Weibo? Cai Wenjing and Peng Guanying three matches?

Will Peng Guanying and Cai Wenjing be a trio? It depends on the effect of the second attack, is it possible that the third attack is also suspended?

What is the meaning of the effect of two sets? Is it because the fans of the two are tearing each other up or is it because the second pair’s drama is not well broadcast?

Brother Zhang Yu has not heard that the fans of the two are tearing up, and the two are not top-notch, even cp fans coexist peacefully, and the two cooperations are happy. In summary, the three are well established.It depends on whether there are any scripts and film crews to look for.

If you feel that the poor broadcasting effect of the second play may affect the third play, then the influencing factors are also very small. After the modern drama is over, you can play ancient times, fantasy, and fairy tales… as long as the two masters are willing, the fans are happy, and there are people Make it happen.

Brother Octopus, is Yang Mi managing Weibo by himself or the team? It feels like Mi’s microblogs are all commercial advertisements now…

There are also teams who have done it on their behalf, but compared to other artists who have been complained many times that the artist and the team manage Weibo, and the management personnel act as star fans, Yang Mi can be regarded as an artist who manages more Weibo by himself. However, nowadays, most artists don’t regard Weibo as a circle of friends. What’s the difference between posting business blogs by themselves and helping the team to post business blogs? However, Yang Mi is an Internet addicted girl, and she loves to spend time on the Internet when she is not busy at work. She can manage social software by herself.

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I want to ask Song Weilong, is there any news about the relationship recently? The feeling of the love brain that Liu Dachui said is that. There are four or five relationships in just over 20 years. Is there any news about the drama bionic world? His acting skills are really good The one is very ordinary, but really handsome, I am looking forward to the cooperation between him and Wen Qi

It’s not considered a love brain, but I prefer to fall in love, and I have been in several relationships like this. If an actor has been in a lot of relationships, but there is nothing wrong with his past relationships being exposed, and his career has not fallen behind, just talk about it.

The upcoming film and television show has not been put on the agenda, and the one he and Wen Qi collaborated with will not be seen until next year. Sometimes my acting skills are really novice and need to be honed. It is a bit stylized and a bit dull, but it is better than before.


Brother Octopus wants to ask, is it true that Tang Yan said that she will be a guest star in Luo Jin’s executive bureau?There is also melon eating and it is said that it will be a cameo in Chen Kaige’s movie The Great War. Is there any new trend?

It is possible that Luo Jin should invest in this drama, and when the time comes to actually act, it is not impossible for his wife to make a cameo. As for the movie, I haven’t heard of her guest appearance yet, but she has no plans to officially star in a female lead drama, so the work in a short period of time should be outstanding. The filming will be completed soon, and it will not affect the time of accompanying the children. kind.

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Other film and television dramas have not been decided for the time being, and she herself said that the most important thing at the moment is to accompany her children, and the sharp drop in work is certain. However, there are many red carpets and shows at the end of the year, and she may also participate.


Is Zhang Yuge Chen Feiyu Zhang Jingyi real?

Here comes the classic part. Generally there is a popular bg drama, Brother Zhang Yu will be backstage and someone will ask if the two are real?

The two are not real. They are colleagues and good partners. Chen Feiyu is single. He himself said that he has no girlfriend at the moment. Zhang Jingyi is not sure. But the fact that Chen Feiyu is single, and the fact that the two are together is no longer true. It’s hard to say what the future will be, and it’s impossible right now. There are also many people asking about the second stage in the background. There is no news about the second stage. Chen Feiyu’s follow-up cakes are all ancient costumes, and the talk is almost over. Zhang Jingyi also has a lot of cakes, both movies and dramas.


Brother Zhang Yu still wanted to ask about Wang Xiaofei and the S family, so the flags died down? It doesn’t feel like it’s over yet, how is the situation now?

It seems that the flag has died down. Today, Xiao S has pushed the video of her second daughter’s birthday celebration. It must be intentional to suppress other hot search events, but in fact, the two parties can still quarrel at any time, and then explode an earth-shattering melon.

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How should I put it, Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Lan must be pinching some evidence for the S family. The melon is not small, but the S family is not vegetarian, and there are also things that are not good for the mother and son (although they have been shaken off by Wang Xiaofei himself. It’s almost the same), or out of interest or for the sake of the children, the two sides communicated briefly in private (didn’t Zhang Lan also say that S started calling her mother again), and decided not to love the war, and to cease the war first.

In fact, Sister Lan and Mama S are really very powerful in fighting, and the battle line is buried very deep. If one side does what the other side is not satisfied with in the follow-up, they will continue to break the news, wait and see.

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