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“One Thought Guanshan” Proves to be a Catchy and Popular TV Series, Setting New Records in Viewership

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Ningmeng Film and Television’s latest drama “One Thought Guanshan” has taken the entertainment industry by storm, surpassing the popularity of “Wan Ning Meng Film and Television” and achieving record-breaking viewership within hours of its release.

The TV series, starring Liu Shishi and Liu Yuning, has exceeded 10,000 views on the iQiyi platform, making it the twelfth TV series in the history of iQiyi to achieve this milestone. It has also dominated various popularity lists, including Maoyan’s overall network popularity list, Yunhe screen domination list, and public opinion popularity list. The drama’s success has solidified Ningmeng Film and Television’s position as a leading company in the industry, further reinforcing its commitment to producing high-quality content.

“One Thought Guanshan” has received high praise from viewers, with many lauding its innovative storytelling, compelling characters, and visually stunning scenes. The drama’s unique blend of genres, including road, adventure, martial arts, and comedy, has set it apart from traditional costume dramas and captivated audiences.

This success comes on the heels of Ningmeng Film and Television’s previous hit dramas, such as “It’s Just Love” and “Ask the Heart”, which have also received critical acclaim and high viewership numbers. The company’s commitment to producing high-quality works and its ability to connect with a new generation of viewers have set it apart in the highly competitive entertainment landscape.

In light of this achievement, Ningmeng Film and Television has announced upcoming releases, including “You Too Have Today”, “Half-Mature Man and Woman”, “Only Thirty 2”, and “Crime Hunters 2”, signaling its continued dedication to creating diverse and compelling content.

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While the success of “One Thought Guanshan” has undoubtedly bolstered Ningmeng Film and Television’s reputation, it’s important to note that investment decisions should not be made based solely on a company’s media success. The stock market carries inherent risks, and caution should always be exercised when making investment decisions.

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