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One training, two submissions

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One training, two submissions

Lasha, January 2022

In January 2022, I wrote a column for Lasha called “The Effort Bar of the Closet” and dealt withThe issue of training-away-from-home.
This column was later uploaded to the blog, but disappeared in transit. This is part of what was written there:
Not long ago I ran into errands at the Ramat Aviv mall, dressed, as usual, in a tailored jacket. The so-called blazer (…) In any case, I arrived at the mall wearing a jacket and realized that I missed the memo: the mall looked like a closed event with a dress code and there was no doubt that the other guests who were not me happily obeyed it. They are all wearing sweat suits and a long coat. In the first moment I felt missed: here I am dressed in jeans and a jacket, and they rolled out of bed in sweatpants and they look simply wonderful. The second it hit me: they don’t look great thanks to the sweatshirt, they look great despite the sweatshirt. In the effort bar of clothing, the sweatshirt is the most deceptive garment. It’s the most comfortable there is, definitely, but if you want to *also* wear it and *also* look presentable, you need to invest a lot more than someone who just threw a jacket on.
That’s how it is, there are clothes that make an effort for you, and there are clothes that you make an effort forand training outside the house is a combination that requires effort.
Of course, looking back, this text mostly reflects the innocence of 2022, times in which we have not yet progressed to the stage of pajamas-with-a-Disney-print outside the house (Yes, it’s a thing and here is a column by Neta Hoter on the subject). As someone who has not yet qualified for the pajamas-with-Disney-print stage Inside the HomeI stay with the option of the upgraded training indoors, one that you can also go to Pilates with and jump to the supermarket with.
No matter where you are on the closet effort bar, here are two serving suggestions:
01 Training outside the house: A mirror that can also be read looks-influential Because he is influenced by all kinds of Hailey Bieber-style women when they go out in the morning to pick up matcha for them or board a flight.

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In order to adopt this look, including the required vibe, you will have to be careful with your manicure, not cut corners in the hair-makeup area, and hold a bag that will be a perfect conceptual contrast to the sweatshirt. Is the sweatpants comfortable and convenient? The bag will be hard and not very comfortable to hold.
Passim sweatpants (remember that there is currently a 15% discount with the code shelly15) with a matching sweatshirt – this is critical for the influencer look hanging out at the mall or boarding a flight / Samba sneakers / Cardigan supplier Totem jacket supplier (Mango has a similar version) / Bag

02 Working from home training: Upgraded training that leaves an option to jump to the supermarket or pick up from school.

The sweatpants that also appeared in the first act / golf and a cashmere sweater over it, because despite the promises related to the connection between heat and menopause, you are cold all the time. And when I say *go* you know who I mean / thick socks / Birkenstock with fur / tea in a huge mug

The sweatshirt can also be worn in front of the couch to binge Yellowstone (serving suggestion: with a TV blanket), my favorite pastime these days.

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