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Online Spring Festival Gala: A Youth Carnival_Guangming.com

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Online Spring Festival Gala: A Youth Carnival_Guangming.com

【Hot Spot Observation】

Author: Xin Bing (Professor of Art College of Liaoning University)

“The cover of youth is up to you and me to express…” Not long ago, China Central Radio and Television’s 2023 Internet Spring Festival Gala kicked off in the cheerful rhythm of “Opening New Unlimited”. A youthful and fashionable youth carnival Young people bring a different kind of audio-visual feast.

In recent years, different forms of online Spring Festival Gala have been well received by audiences. For example, China Central Radio and Television’s online Spring Festival Gala uses innovation to carry the unchanging themes of youth and struggle, and writes eternal and magnificent chapters such as relay and inheritance with multiple elements. A must-see brand program for Chinese New Year. Watching the Spring Festival Gala on the Internet is like reading a wonderful long scroll of youth stories, which makes people excited, inspired and full of energy to forge ahead.

On the stage of the main station network Spring Festival Gala, “Stubbornness” brought by the Haiga Youth Band vividly interpreted the power of youth.profile picture

Go on a journey of youth together

“The juvenile version of “Stubborn” is really stylish.” After the broadcast of China Central Radio and Television’s 2023 Internet Spring Festival Gala, “Stubborn” performed by the Guizhou Haiga Youth Band sparked heated discussions. On the stage, the children wore white sweaters and blue jeans, played the bass, played the drums, set up the microphone, and sang the spirit of self-reliance, self-improvement, and endless vitality with the pure voice of the mountain village band, and sang about youth look like. “The direction against the wind is more suitable for flying. I am not afraid of being blocked by thousands of people, but I am afraid that I will surrender.” Their singing not only gave new meaning to this song, but also added bright colors to their youth.

Looking back at the previous online Spring Festival Gala, youth is its eternal keyword. What is youth? How should youth be spent? The Internet Spring Festival Gala interprets the definition of youth to young people in different ways. For example, the song “Upward Light”, which was continuously on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala on the Internet, sang: “Youth sings all the way, illuminates with struggle, everywhere.” Another example is the 2020 Network Spring Festival Gala of China Central Radio and Television. The song and dance performance “Youth Keep Running” not only used the lyrics “Youth must go forward bravely, keep running to try new things, break records and create classics” to call out the youth declaration, but also through different fields. Outstanding young people tell their stories of struggle, saying that “struggle is the most beautiful background of youth”.

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Gathering Positive Energy Online is one of the important purposes of the Internet Spring Festival Gala. From the beginning of its inception, it has adhered to the core concept of “networking and youthful attitude”, and its creation method is to realize the youthful expression of mainstream values. Whether it’s outstanding young artists lighting up the youth stage with wonderful performances, conveying the strongest voice of struggle, or gathering hot content from different circles in one furnace, blending and symbiosis, leading the majority of young people to go on a journey of youth and create a future together, it is everywhere. It shows youthful vigor and hard work energy.

“Youth breeds infinite hope, and youth creates a better tomorrow.” Paying attention to youth, leading youth, impressing and infecting young audiences in the youngest and most youthful way, and constantly gathering strong joint efforts are the most important missions of the Internet Spring Festival Gala. one. As the number of young netizens continues to grow, the importance of the Spring Festival Gala online is self-evident. Whether it is an online platform or a variety of new media, in the planning of the online Spring Festival Gala, in addition to pursuing a networked and youthful look, you should also consciously create literary and artistic masterpieces to make the party interesting and meaningful, leaving wonderful works and spreading them to the public. You have to use positive energy and a good voice. In this way, every youth journey will not be disappointed.

Online Spring Festival Gala: A Youth Carnival

On the stage of the main station network Spring Festival Gala, the wonderful performances of two old artists made people feel the heat of life.profile picture

Draw a “Opening New Illustrated Book”

The Internet Spring Festival Gala is a party to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new. “Opening the new” is another important keyword, and it often becomes the theme of the party. “To create a new future together.” “Kaixin” not only has the connotation of the homonym “happy” to celebrate the new year, but also the meaning of innovating expressions, depicting a new picture of literature and art, opening a new chapter, and composing a new story of struggle.

How many birds are played in “New Hundred Birds Facing the Phoenix”? On the stage of the 2023 Online Spring Festival Gala, ventriloquist inheritors, musicians, pianists, and classical orchestras jointly presented a symphony stage of audio and video, leading the audience into the show with the singing of the theme song “Phoenix Flying” from “The Legend of Zhen Huan”. How amazing is it to dance ancient paintings more than 200 years ago? The literati are intoxicated with landscapes, splashing ink with the help of wine, and the powerful dancers are inspired by the cultural relic of the Forbidden City “The Intent of Sanxitang” to create “Drunk Ink Dripping”, incorporating AR technology, and telling the story of Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi with a classical dance that combines rigidity and softness The story between father and son is fascinating. What kind of heavy feeling will the collision of traditional Peking opera and modern symphony bring? In the performance of “Red Makeup”, Peking opera actors and singers dreamily linked together, singing about the power of women under the great love of the family and country, and vividly interpreting “in the dialogue between women across time and space, it is the eternal youth of the age”. On the stage of this online Spring Festival Gala, in addition to the stunning appearances of intangible cultural heritage, opera, ancient paintings, and martial arts, the four hosts of the main station brought “Follow me to read the words correctly” is even more eye-catching. They combined ancient popular songs with popular science of rare characters, shared the infinite mystery and infinite charm of Chinese characters in the time of a song, and received wide acclaim.

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In an evening show, the national style programs occupy a large space, and these programs are precisely the most popular parts for young audiences. In fact, this situation is not surprising. With the “breaking the circle” of high-quality programs such as “Tang Palace Banquet” and “Only This Green”, absorbing creative nutrition from Chinese excellent traditional culture has become the conscious pursuit of more and more literary and art workers. At the same time, the emergence of a large number of related literary and artistic masterpieces is also leading and reshaping the public’s aesthetics.

Excellent national style programs can not only attract and infect people from the form of presentation, but also impress people from the content, combine the spirit of Chinese aesthetics with the pursuit of contemporary aesthetics, and convey the ideas, humanistic spirit and morality contained in the excellent traditional Chinese culture Standards, so as to truly make Chinese culture live in the present. This also requires us not to blindly pursue novel technologies and methods in the creation and planning of online Spring Festival Gala programs, but to correctly use new technologies and new methods to stimulate creative inspiration, and to draw a “New Illustration” with high-quality content.

Write a legacy story

In 2022, the “Tsinghua University Shanghai Alumni Association Art Troupe” with an average age of more than 70 years old and the 97-year-old national treasure conductor Cao Peng will present a song “Love and Youth” on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala online. Yearning, love for life, and enthusiasm for singing were unreservedly dedicated to the audience. This “white-haired youth group” gathered dozens of alumni of Tsinghua University who love music. They contributed their blood and youth to the construction of the motherland when they were young. As the saying goes, “you have left for half your life, and you are still young when you come back.” Time has changed. The traces left on his body remain unchanged is the enthusiasm of willing to sing for the motherland to old age.

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The inheritance of culture and spirit is like drizzle, moistening things silently. From the content to the form, the online Spring Festival Gala is pursuing the expression of youth, seeing the big from the small, making the audience resonate with youth, and at the same time endowing youth with different connotations through dialogue between old and new. Youth has nothing to do with age, and the spirit of struggle and dedication is passed down from generation to generation. The “White-haired Youth League” sang the experience into the song, and told the younger generation with singing that “struggle is the most beautiful background of youth, and action is the most effective tempering of youth.” On the stage of this online Spring Festival Gala, two old artists, 80-year-old Chen Peter and 70-year-old Zhang Shuangli, sang “Blooming Flowers All the Way” together. to the heat of life”. The two elderly people interpreted “youth is a state, as long as the state is still there, youth is not far away” with a relaxed performance. When they played the guitar and sang “a big river has wide waves”, the audience seemed to see them returning to themselves of youth.

Expressing youth without being limited to youth, expressing inheritance without being rigid in preaching, this is an innovative expression in itself. Looking back on the previous online Spring Festival Gala, there are always some programs that touch people’s hearts. Every time I watch the videos, the touch in my heart will last forever. We look forward to more diverse program types and richer program elements in the future online Spring Festival Gala. We also expect more innovative expressions of Chinese excellent traditional culture to be presented on the stage, to shine with the young people, and to inspire more people to carry on the inheritance. Understand the meaning of youth in struggle and dedication.

“Guangming Daily” (version 13, February 8, 2023)

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