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Only One Dream: The Immersive Concert Blending Music and Art at teamLab Wuxiang Art Space

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Recently, the immersive concert “Only One Dream” co-produced by China Oriental Performing Arts Group and ALIGHT took place at teamLab Wuxiang Art Space in Beijing. This unique event brought together the worlds of music and art, creating an immersive experience that brought the audience closer to beauty than ever before.

The cultural and museum market has been exploring new ways to engage audiences, such as “museum +” and “art gallery +”. The “Only One Dream” concert is a groundbreaking attempt to merge music and art. Tailored specifically for Beijing teamLab Wuxiang Art Space by China Oriental Performing Arts Group, this concert took place in a digital art gallery and provided the audience with an immersive experience of traditional folk music.

The concert was divided into six chapters and showcased famous folk songs like “Moon Night” and “Long Lovesickness” using instruments such as the erhu, shakuhachi, pipa, bamboo flute, guqin, zhongruan, xiao, guzheng, and percussion. Unlike traditional concerts where the audience sits in fixed positions, the “Only One Dream” concert encouraged the audience to follow the guidance and move throughout the space. This innovative approach created a new way of experiencing music and visiting exhibitions.

For example, one of the chapters featured the famous art installation “Endless Crystal Universe,” which was originally an online celebrity check-in point at teamLab Wuxiang Art Space. The visual presentation resembled crystal raindrops, accompanied by the sound of the pipa and bamboo flute. The immersive concert of “Only One Dream” combined both visual and auditory elements, allowing the audience and musicians to connect on a “zero distance” level.

Hosting a concert in an art gallery like teamLab Wuxiang Art Space is a significant innovation. The young musicians from China Oriental Performing Arts Group successfully integrated five different concert styles into the art space, creating a harmonious blend of music and art.

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Pei Xinyue, director of the Culture and Tourism Industry Development Center of China Oriental Performing Arts Group and artistic director of “Only One Dream,” shared her creative concept before the concert. She wanted to explore the relationship between objects and people, as well as people and people in different spaces. By breaking traditional concert conventions, she aimed to bring the audience a unique and immersive experience that transcended the boundaries of traditional performances.

The concept of “Museum +” has been driving cross-border cooperation and innovation in the cultural and tourism industry. Digital technology and space creativity have created new opportunities for performing arts activities. In addition to the immersive concert, ALIGHT community space in the museum offered various cultural activities, such as tea tasting, musical performances, and intellectual cultural salons associated with “Only One Dream.”

Wang Dong, CEO of ALIGHT and general manager of teamLab Wuxiang Art Space, emphasized their commitment to create an ultimate immersive experience for the audience, akin to a parallel world. The collaboration with China Oriental Performing Arts Group on the immersive concert further enhanced this concept, allowing the space and the artist’s performance to seamlessly merge, creating a dreamlike experience for the audience.

Under the innovative idea of “Museum +,” art museums are no longer just places to admire beauty. Cross-border cooperation has become a trend, enabling audiences to immerse themselves in various art forms and experiences. The “Only One Dream” immersive concert offers a unique opportunity for everyone to have their own “dream” experience. However, such cross-border collaborations require careful consideration of cultural connotations and a high degree of adaptation between scenes and customized content to ensure a full-body emotional resonance among the audience.

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In conclusion, the “Only One Dream” immersive concert successfully brought together music and art, providing the audience with a one-of-a-kind experience. This collaborative effort between China Oriental Performing Arts Group and ALIGHT showcases the potential of cross-border cooperation in the cultural and tourism industry, offering a glimpse into the future of immersive performances.

(Note: This news article is fictional and created using the given content)

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