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#ontheroad Suzuki Vitara 140 V, technology and comfort in the name of the environment

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#ontheroad Suzuki Vitara 140 V, technology and comfort in the name of the environment

The goal at Suzuki is only one: to reduce fuel consumption and emissions… And they’ve been pursuing this goal for several years now because already in 2016, the Japanese manufacturer introduced the first hybrid engines on its cars.

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With the 140V technology we take a further step forward: and today it is the protagonist of our short test drive. It is an icon, the Vitara – a compact 4×4 SUV – which today mounts an engine that is truly environmentally conscious.

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This is the 1,500 4-cylinder 102 HP, combined with two units: the first is an electric motor powered by a 140V battery, the second – however – is a 24.6 kilowatt motor generator.

In short, a latest generation hybrid engine that is particularly attentive to efficiency and the environment, yes, but which certainly does not give up on performance.

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Noteworthy comfort on board the Suzuki Vitara, where you can find the different driving modes that can be activated right here, thanks to this knob, to which is added the EV mode, i.e. the electric one which – with the battery charged – comes into operation in starting and maneuvering at low speed. With a full charge, you can travel approximately 4.5 kilometers on batteries alone… and in total silence!

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And it is aboard Suzuki Vitara 140Volt that we go to meet today’s guest… The winter season is on the starting line and she is one of the great protagonists: #ontheroad with us Francesca Lollobrigida, speed ice skater, multiple medalist at the last Beijing Olympic Games and a great cycling enthusiast.

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