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open ending in the trial of a former police officer who killed an alleged thief from behind in 2015

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open ending in the trial of a former police officer who killed an alleged thief from behind in 2015

The first week of the trial for the murder of the teenager Rodrigo Sánchez (17) at the hands of the police officer, Lucas Gastón Carranza, left more doubts than certainties, although it was determined that the former uniformed man was under the influence of high drug consumption.

The oral and public debate is taking place in the 9th Crime Chamber of Córdoba and has already had three hearings and will continue this Wednesday.

Progress has already been made with the receipt of testimonies and now the presence of the experts who surveyed the crime scene and a “qualified” witness who was surprising by chance being at the scene is expected.

The event occurred on the morning of Saturday, September 19, 2015, on the corner of Colón and Sagrada Familia, in the Capital, a place where numerous wallet thefts occur.

According to the case, taking advantage of the vehicle stop at the traffic light, Sánchez broke the glass of a window with a spark plug and stole a wallet.

Running towards the motorcycle driven by his partner -Leonardo Sanabria-, the young man crossed the central flowerbed and on the way he dropped a purse. When he bent down to look for him, Carranza fired three shots at him from behind, one of which hit him in the back, pierced the lung twice and exited through the collarbone, according to the accusation.

The young man was left lying face down, supported by his forearms.

The judicial process has been extensive and comes to debate eight and a half years later.

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In the interim, prosecutor Jorgelina Gutiez acquitted the police officer, but Judge Carlos Lezcano rejected the measure and ordered a deeper investigation. The Prosecutor’s Office also ruled in favor of investigating the actions of the non-commissioned officer.

As revealed in this debate, Carranza was fired years later from the Police for an alleged theft of a jacket in a well-known wholesale store of Chilean origin.

The family of the dead young man demands justice and is a plaintiff in the case. (The voice)

Serious charges

The investigation was later completed by prosecutor Gerardo Reyes, who elevated the proceedings to trial with the legal classification of simple homicide (with possible intent) aggravated by the use of a firearm. There are those who think that the homicide could have been classified by the police function, while there are those who prefer to lean towards a “functional excess”, but within the sphere of “wrongful” deaths.

What would not be appropriate would be to try to frame this death as an excess of legitimate defense, because the police officer was not attacked and because the case does not show that the criminals used weapons.

In another trial for this episode, Sanabria was convicted of simple robbery.

At the forefront of this debate is the court made up of members Roberto Cornejo, Fernando Martín Bertone and Gustavo Rodríguez Fernández.

The accusation is carried out by the deputy prosecutor Laura Battistelli and Carranza’s defense is in charge of legal advisor Andrea Bruno.

Once chained to Courts 2 demanding delayed Justice, the victim’s mother, Gabriela Sanso, attends the trial as a private plaintiff, with the assistance of lawyer Adolfo Allende Posse.

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drug addiction

At the start of the trial last Wednesday, the accused provided details of his personal conditions and acknowledged his drug addiction.

The most striking thing is that he revealed that after Sánchez’s death, the Police reinstated him on duty and he was with a weapon during what he considered the worst stage of his narcotic intoxication.

Despite this, as occurred throughout the process, Carranza refrained from testifying and answering questions.

Among the witnesses, the statement of Sanabria, Sánchez’s accomplice in the robbery, already convicted in another trial, caused some surprise.

Now as a witness, he gave his impressions about some details of the event that changed the perception of the scene, according to the file.

He assured that it was parked against the central flower bed on Colón Avenue, a few meters from where Sánchez stole the wallet.

The original idea was that the motorcycle and its driver were waiting on the sidewalk in front of a store, so Sánchez must have traveled more meters until he was shot dead.

That projectile came from the same sidewalk where the motorcycle was, where the “plainclothes” police officer Carranza would have been found.

This would significantly vary the crime scene and, perhaps, the accused’s incriminating position.

This new idea that was left floating must be contrasted with what the experts who surveyed the terrain stated and were precise about the position of the motorcycle and the route of the shots.

These variations can modify the degree of commitment of the accused who shot, according to the expert reports, three meters from the victim, in the back and with a high dose of narcotics.

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The tensions in both visions seem contradictory, depending on the positions. Three possibilities seem to be emerging: homicide aggravated by the use of a weapon – with a minimum sentence of 10 years and eight months in prison -, functional excess – with a maximum of five years, for being guilty – and acquittal. The debate will continue and a key testimony is expected from a “qualified” person who passed by the place occasionally.

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