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Origami Angel – The Brightest Days

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Origami Angel – The Brightest Days

by Oliver on August 6, 2023 in Other

Ryland Heagy (guitar, vocals) and Pat Doherty (drums) want The Brightest Days definitely not understood as a new album or new EP -“The differences between each track […] are what makes it such a special release“ – and thus present their first mixtape.

Actually feels The Brightest Days even far more closed, coherent and pointed than at least that was simply too long Gami Gang.
The nice idea of ​​using a ukulele as a recurring motif over the course of the compact 22 minutes ensures this: the bittersweet gem Looking Out relies its entire 81 seconds almost solely on it, the frame in the form of the intro of the title song and opener (which later mutated with metal swing to lively power pop) as well as the outro of the closer Few and Far Between (so far a nice upbeat singalong) use the instrument’s cute melancholy as a loop.

That one with both pieces, however, above all Weezer must think is probably because Origami Angel their white album as the main inspiration for The Brightest Days to name. What when galloping in a hurry Thank You, New Jersey with its hard edge in pop punk due to the harmonic Beach Boys-Twist as well as the dreamy good mood of Second Best Friend (a new trademark song for the canon!) makes sense anyway, but is also understandable with all the other super entertaining numbers that rev up the pop factor of the emocore variations on the beach.
Regardless of whether Picture Frame looks like an associative bastard Death Cab for Cutie and The Fall of Troy deceptive without even remotely sounding like the two references; Kobayashi Maru (My Very Own) the party mood like sympathetic Blink-182 revved up and, anachronistically, the typical Origami Angel-releases seratonin; or My PG County Summer the drive of his riffs with cheesy synths and a lecture that almost tends towards rap, including a political agenda: the more accessible, poppy orientation fits!
It always puts you in a good mood, because The Brightest Day is entertaining, variable and stringent, basically equipped with a length that suits the band and the output of Origami Angel thus teaching more than just a great footnote away from the main plot.

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Origami Angel – The Brightest Days by Counter Intuitive Records

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