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Orquesta La Solution Joins Forces with Dominican Salsero Henry García for Unforgettable Tour

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Orquesta La Solution Joins Forces with Dominican Salsero Henry García for Unforgettable Tour

Dominican Salsero Henry García Joins Orquesta La Solution for Tour in the Dominican Republic and the United States

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – Esteemed Dominican salsero Henry García has joined forces with Orquesta La Solution for an upcoming tour that will showcase their combined talent on stages both in the Dominican Republic and the United States. La Solution, a popular band from the 80s and 90s that has reinvented itself with new musical colors and a commitment to producing high-quality music, will kick off the tour in the Dominican Republic on September 25. The first shows will take place at Asadero Doña Pula in Santiago de los Caballeros on Saturday, October 29 and at Hard Rock Café Santo Domingo on Monday, October 2.

Following their performances in the Dominican Republic, Orquesta La Solution will head to New York City for their first presentation in the United States as part of the “Tours USA 2023” series. The renowned Copacabana will host their show on Saturday, October 7.

Fans of the band can expect a spectacular show filled with their hit songs like “La Rueda,” “Una Canita al Aire,” “La Vecino,” “Amor de Novela,” “Una Canita Más,” and “Amor Impossible,” among others. Additionally, Henry García, the Dominican salsero, has promised to captivate audiences with his popular singles such as “Sisi y Ricardo,” “I Love You I Love You,” “Quiéreme,” “Nació varón,” and “Miss Sharen,” among many others.

Rafael Tavárez (Niní), the president of Prolaga Enterpraises, expressed his excitement for this unprecedented musical event, stating, “We have always aimed to offer a respectful, enjoyable, and high-quality musical experience that stands the test of time. I believe we have achieved this through the talents of the artists we have brought on board and the support of our dedicated audience.”

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Tavárez emphasized that “Tours USA 2023” was designed to cater to the diverse population of the United States, consisting of different ethnicities and, particularly, Dominican fans who have been following the band since their inception in the 1980s. He added, “We wanted to bring this incredible tour to every corner of the United States and the Dominican Republic, providing the immense fan base, who have tropical music in their DNA, with an unforgettable experience.”

The upcoming tour by Orquesta La Solution and Henry García promises to be a must-see musical extravaganza, uniting the best of Dominican and Latin music for an unforgettable night of dancing and enjoyment.

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