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Oscars slap incident hurt Will Smith’s career – People – cnBeta.COM

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Oscars slap incident hurt Will Smith’s career – People – cnBeta.COM

At the 94th Academy Awards, Will Smith slapped presenter Chris Rock in the face. The Board of Directors of the American Film Institute held an emergency meeting over the incident to discuss how to punish the well-known actor.


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The Academy has informed Will Smith that he has violated the Academy’s standards of conduct and that the Council will initiate disciplinary proceedings against him. Disciplinary action, such as suspension or revocation of academy membership, will be announced at an April 18 council meeting, until Smith can explain it in writing.

The academy executives revealed that after the incident, the relevant parties had asked Smith to leave the award ceremony, but the latter not only refused to leave but also attended the Vanity Fair celebration ball. (The latest revelations claim that the college lied about the matter, not only did not drive Smith away, but instead told him that he could stay. Many people have an opinion on this.)

Some actors and media people privately said that they would never vote for any Will Smith work in the future. They said: “It’s outrageous to dance at the celebration after hitting someone.”

A studio believes that the film school should fire Will Smith, which is the right thing to do to salvage the impact. He himself can swear repentance in exchange for forgiveness, and his acting career can continue. If the academy holds the big stick high but looks forward and backward, and finally drops it gently, it will arouse people’s disgust towards Smith and damage the image and status of the academy.

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Another studio director said that Smith has been in the industry for many years and has always had a good reputation. Maybe he will be fine after sitting on the bench for a while. But the company will be more cautious about collaborating with Smith, because now when people talk about Smith’s work, people will think of that slap in the face.

Apple TV, which paid a lot for Smith’s new “Emancipation,” which is in post-production, declined to comment on the slap. Smith is also a spokesperson for Fitbit, a smart wearable product, which said it was assessing the current situation and declined to comment.

Slap victim Chris Rock unfolds in Bostontalk show tour, from the 30th to April 1st every day at 19:30 and 22:00, the ticket price has soared by more than 10 times. People lined up outside the theater, expecting Locke to comment after the slap.

Locke lived up to expectations and said, “How’s everyone’s weekend going”, causing the audience to laugh, with some chanting: “Fuck Will Smith”. But Locke did not pick up on it. He said: “If you want to hear the joke, I have written it long ago. As for what happened over the weekend, I have nothing to say now. I am still digesting that and will be serious one day in the future. And talk about it lively.”

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