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Osde would apply a reduction in its fees, although the members were not informed

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Osde would apply a reduction in its fees, although the members were not informed

The uncertainty about the prepaid costs begin to dissipate with the OSDE announcement about the 22% reduction in fees. This follows a government resolution that ordered seven prepaid companies to revert their installment prices to December values ​​and adjust them with accumulated inflation. This Tuesday, the prepaid company that accounts for the majority of the market’s affiliates, reported what the scheme of the new bills that will begin to reach people in the coming days will be.

According to Clarín, the company clarified that The 22% reduction will be reflected in the April dues, but there are differences between deregulated and direct affiliates.

It must be clarified that OSDE charges per month in arrears. However, there will be a difference between deregulated affiliates (through social work) and direct ones. lThe former will see a 19% increase in the March difference before experiencing the reduction in April. Meanwhile, direct affiliates and monotributistas will already notice the decrease in their next bills.

This measure comes after a resolution from the national government that urged prepaid companies to adjust their prices according to accumulated inflation. The seven prepaid companies affected, including OSDE, are in legal proceedings due to an alleged excessive increase in fees.

It also arises after a judicial protection, presented by the Superintendency of Health Services, which will seek to ensure that prepaid return to affiliates what was collected above inflation between December and March.

The seven prepaid payments included in the resolution of the Executive Branch are OSDE, Galen, British Hospital, German Hospital, Medifé, Swiss Medical and Omint. So far, as Clarín learned, only OSDE has reported how it will bill the next installment, in a context of generalized uncertainty among affiliates.

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Prepaid: what is the protection that seeks the return of money?

On the other hand, the judicial protection presented by the Superintendence of Health Services (SSS) continues its course and is being processed in the Federal Civil and Commercial Court 9, in charge of Mercedes Maquieira. In this case this is the most delicate part of the matter. The Government argued that there was “cartelization” of prepaid companies to increase their fees and, consequentlyintends to return to affiliates what was collected above inflation between the months of December and March.

Maquieira still has not resolved the issue. The first thing he did was ask the Government, in a ruling known this Monday, if there was no overlap between the Government’s administrative measure and the protection presented, given that Several of the prepaid payments reached by the resolution of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce also appear in the lawsuit.

The SSS not only responded that the decision was to move forward with the lawsuit against the 18 prepaid companies included in the first presentation (16 plus two that were incorporated immediately), but also had decided to expand the initiative against another five, bringing the total number of companies targeted by the Government to return part of what has already been collected reaches 23.

The protection includes OSDE, Swiss Medical, Medicus, Omint, Galeno, Medifé, Hospital Italiano, Obra Social Luis Pasteur, Hominis, Medicina Esencial, Mutual Association of the Hierarchical Staff of National Official Banks, Obra Social Unión Civil Personal de news, Mutual Federated June 25, ACA Salud, Sancor Salud, Prevention Salud, Integrated System of Health Providers, Met Córdoba SA, Hospital Alemán, Hospital Británico, CEMIC, Grupo DDM SA and Círculo Médico de Lomas de Zamora.

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It is not known how long it will take for Justice to resolve this point. The prepaid companies warn that if they are made to return the money already collected from members, there is a risk of the entire chain of the private health system suffering, to the point of breakdown. We’ll see. For now, Another threat that the prepaid companies had been holding at a low level, and that has to do with the providers’ fees from the reduction of the fee, will finally not change. At least in the case of OSDE.

On this sensitive issue, the prepaid company informed that the providers ““They will be paid the same fees as in the month of March,” something that was a great concern of the clinic and sanatorium sector. To the point that this Monday, from the Association of Clinics, Sanatoriums and Private Hospitals of the Argentine Republic (ADECRA), they had come out to warn about this situation.

With information from Clarín

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