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Ostraca – Disaster – HeavyPop.at

by Oliver on September 4, 2023 in Album

Since has since Enemy in 2018 quite a lot of pent up Ostraca: Disaster pushes the boundaries of screamo and emoviolence like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

As if not wasting time after five years, injected Constellation The Richmond band’s ancestral genre benchmark equals Post Metal’s massive riff power, albeit Ostraca to the blast beats of the fundamentally exquisite drumming, the melody lines of the guitars are given a desperate, melodramatic beauty, noise and crust are harassed with a blackened aesthetic and death hatches growling into the viscous background.
The existentialist Heaven Is Still hyperventilates there in the great production, because all elements retain an energetic, urgent and differentiated perceptible physique, turns towards the middle in disharmonious thoughtfulness as the calming pole of post-rock, accumulates a climax that eludes conventional discharge in which the terrific build-up of tension, tightly twisted, remains without detonation. Stage Whisper then strolls more clearly, almost on a psychedelic prairie, not so far from Godspeed You! Black Emperor removed – until Ostraca Break out into frenzied blackgaze, dive down contemplatively, and burst open with creaking bass and Isis-esque musings in the thick Metalcore approach and guttural Deathdoom.

How enormously organic and natural this happens in the homogeneous, never randomly mutating flow is proportional to the fact that this effortlessly assimilated diversity is actually not the strength of the record, but the emotional intensity, which gets an enormous spectrum through this bandwidth .
of the environment Whilom roars in a rugged, majestic post-scenery so imposingly and dirty behind the traditional zones of black metal, this range creates something relentlessly, epic mortifying in the harsh, almost melodramatic beauty – but with an abrupt end. All the more direct and exuberant can the black scab from Rebuke blowing his kerosene into the Skramz revival, escalating from the minimalist swing of the introspective to a hurricane, shuffling painterly swaying with sharp edges and psychotic agony down to the basement chain aisle before the melancholic and Slant‘esk starting Song for a Frieze how manic crow shwarm beating offers a somewhat uneven conclusion.
Nevertheless is Disaster a largely coherent work, which creates enormous dynamics from all its twists and variables (however, less explicit individual flashes of genius in the songwriting) and ties it up with a latently nihilistic atmosphere: in a way, Disaster is something like the evil mirror image Lastpretty sure but still ahead in an impressive Screamo vintage Last the best album by Ostraca.

Disaster by ostraca

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