Home Entertainment Over 120,000 people flock to KK WORLD to see how major brands play new tricks_Cartoon_Wahaha_Guomanguan

Over 120,000 people flock to KK WORLD to see how major brands play new tricks_Cartoon_Wahaha_Guomanguan

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Over 120,000 people flock to KK WORLD to see how major brands play new tricks_Cartoon_Wahaha_Guomanguan

Original title: Over 120,000 people flocked to KK WORLD to see how major brands play new tricks

Recently, Kuaikan World held an offline carnival event “KK WORLD Kuaikan Dimension Dream World” for the majority of two-dimensional fans. With ChinaJoy going online and BiliBili World being postponed, KK WORLD has also become the only large-scale event for two-dimensional fans this summer, meeting their extreme needs for visiting the exhibition. The whole event not only attracted more than 120,000 people to the scene in person, but also provided an audio-visual feast for cloud users through the live broadcast through official WeChat and other channels.

With the help of this popular KK WORLD event with offline and offline linkage, the major participating brands are also showing their talents. Different from the simple traditional methods such as title and endorsement in the past, the brand side hopes to use innovative forms that integrate the young cultural context. , actively embrace and dialogue with the new generation of consumers. Canon, Wahaha, LINE FRIENDS and other brands have combined popular IP to build immersive themed venues and designed rich activities, allowing many young fans to feel the connotation of the brand and the quality of products in the experience; Brands such as IDAI actively interact with fans through their own two-dimensional IP, exclusive comic activities and various Coser, and fully brush the goodwill of ACGN young fans.

The brand booth with a strong two-dimensional atmosphere has also captured the love of many young people on KK WORLD, and has become a special check-in place for them to watch and take photos. These young generation Z young people have also condensed their love for comics and two-dimensional culture into the resonance of brands and products during the exhibition, and finally allowed brand owners to realize the combination of brand exposure and sales conversion.

Canon Printer has joined hands with the well-known Chinese comic “Stars in Me” to appear on KK WORLD this time, and has also specially built the Impression Guoman Museum. Here, whether you are a professional “sugar-sucking” scientist, or a “face value fan” of the comic protagonist , Canon printers can help fans turn “dream into reality”. Fans present can interact with Coser to take pictures, print out their favorite anime images and comic plots, make creative materials such as stickers and stickers in the experience area, and use practical actions to “call” their favorite anime characters.

Of course, there is not only a lively and interesting printing experience in the Impression Guoman Museum, but fans also have the opportunity to participate in the event to win exquisite gifts. At the event site, Canon released three tasks of taking pictures, paying attention to Canon and on-site DIY. Fans only need to complete any task to get limited peripheral gifts. Luxurious gift inside. The dreamy scenes, wonderful comics and rich prizes attracted a large number of fans to the Canon booth to participate in the interaction, to experience this national comic event together, and to leave unforgettable memories of visiting the exhibition by printing.

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Wahaha: “Dimensional Milk Tea Shop” allows the audience to drink milk and helps custom comics to dominate the top three consecutive lists

During the four-day carnival event, Wahaha’s original custom comic “The Covenant of Reincarnation” crossed the dimension of time and space and entered the reality of the KK WORLD comic exhibition. At the booth of “Wahaha Dimension Milk Tea Shop”, Wahaha set up different exhibition areas for fans to experience the adventure of Zong Luofeng, the hero of Wahaha Guoman IP. Fans can not only experience the immersive secret room puzzle solving, participate in interesting interactive games, but also participate in the exciting surrounding lottery.

The booth full of Wahaha AD calcium milk also directly hit the G-spot of young people who are still young, driving a green storm of punching in and taking pictures and drinking milk. During the comic exhibition, Wahaha distributed and sold more than 6,000 bottles of AD calcium milk for free. Every moment, wherever you look, you can see the phenomenal scenes of fans visiting the exhibition drinking Wahaha.

The enthusiasm of fans to experience the secret room and check in and drink milk has also boosted the popularity index of the original custom comic “The Covenant of Reincarnation” and the Wahaha brand. Among them, the custom comic of “The Covenant of Reincarnation” has directly increased its fans by 30,000, and Wahaha’s official enterprise account Habao has more It is 44,000+ fans. “The Covenant of Reincarnation” dominated the popularity list, new work list, plot list TOP1 and PC-side Chinese comics list TOP2 for three consecutive days during the comic exhibition.

LINE FRIENDS: Lianchuang Guoman’s “My Talent” on-site club recruits new members, and the topic has been read over one million before it is broadcast

In August this year, the two IP giants LINE FRIENDS and Kuaikan joined hands for the first time with a new national comic work – “I Won’t Like You” will be officially serialized, and this time KK WORLD has also become the first warm-up appearance of “My Talent”. During the event, LINE FRIENDS took the idea of ​​recruiting new students from the school clubs where the male and female protagonists belong to the comics, and led the KKers to join the Mengyou Club. Among them, under the banner of “community recruiting new people”, comic fans can learn about the protagonist group of comics with the help of recruiting new tasks. At the same time, it also introduced the highlights of the works at the press conference of the popular main creative team, and established the image of a youthful and lively campus fan. In addition, the main creative team of “Wai Cai” also specially participated in the autograph event to attract fans’ expectations and favorability of the new work.

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Through these rich small tasks, immersive experience and enthusiastic interaction with the main creative team, “My Talent” successfully accumulated more than 10,000 first-generation fans for the new work on the spot. As of July 18, the topic of #I will not like you# on the Kuaikan APP station has been read more than 1 million. The work is popular before it is broadcast, and I look forward to the new show this summer.

Calvin Klein: CK IDOL airborne the star chase hall, making abdominal muscles a standard for visiting the exhibition

This is not the first time that CalvinKlein has cooperated with the two-dimensional platform, but it is the first two-dimensional event that CK has participated in. This year, CK will continue to join hands with Kuaikan to launch a year-round comic interactive solicitation campaign #Who is the next CK IDOL#, to communicate and interact with young people in the form of comics. This time, CK joined hands with well-known comic idols to airborne KK WORLD to watch the world of comics, and once again brought bold, avant-garde and attractive minimalist aesthetics to the audience, and felt the charm of CK up close.

In CK’s booth, the characters stand up to occupy major landmark buildings, restore the exquisite online pictures to offline, and the on-site effects are full. At the same time, IP characters wearing CK costumes will also appear in major exhibition areas. Through encounters, interactions, photos, and mission benefits, many fans are attracted to stop and take photos and share them in the Kuaikan community. Fun, continue to sizzle #who is the next CK IDOL# the hot topic of the year.

New Contek: The image of the two-dimensional IP has become popular, and the popularity of ACGN young groups has been fully brushed

In this KK WORLD event, the well-known cold medicine brand Xinkangtec also brought its IP image “Mr. Contac” and appeared on the scene as a love support officer to play with young people, whether on stage or on stage. In the major exhibition areas, the “Mr. Contac” with a two-dimensional image attracted a large number of fans to stop and watch and take photos with enthusiasm, and even danced the magic brainwashing dance on the scene.

In the core exhibition area of ​​KK WORLD, New Contec has carefully built an event booth with the theme of “Going to Love Together, Burning in Midsummer”. “Mr. Contec” not only played enthusiastically and happily with many young people at the scene for three consecutive days, He also interacted with the author of “Can’t Be Friends with Girls”, the author of “Night of the Night” and the comic heroine witch Coser, etc. The crazy output made fans laugh and kept pushing the atmosphere to a climax. .

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In this cooperation, Xinkangtech and Kuaikan will carry out content marketing online, preheating KK WORLD, and at the same time linking authors and Coser offline to play at the comic exhibition site, creating a closed loop of brand communication that actively communicates and interacts with young people , and finally successfully brushed the goodwill of ACGN’s young group, reshaping the brand’s younger image.

Love IDAI: Visiting the exhibition of super popular equipment, 999 explosion beads black magic is popular in the KK WORLD scene

Love is a new brand of masks launched by 999, a national brand of cold medicine. This time, it joined hands with the most popular two-dimensional offline exhibition in the summer, “KK WORLD, look at the fantasy world of the dimensional world“, bringing a cool and cool black magic whirlwind to the hot scene. Whether it is guests, COSERs, tourists or staff who stick to the front line, they are all covered in this magic and become super popular equipment necessary for visiting the exhibition.

This skin-friendly explosion-proof bead mask launched by IDAI is at the forefront of fashion. It improves the cool experience while doing daily protection. The built-in explosion-proof bead releases summer surprises and solves the problems of sultry heat and odor when wearing it. . In order to meet the preferences of young people, in the “Magic Energy Field” exhibition area of ​​KK WORLD, Aidai IDAI also specially created a booth with the theme of “Looking for the Black Magician”. The lottery, the experience of pinching pop beads, etc., help the 999 brand to drain the official e-commerce channel from offline, convert the traffic of the comic exhibition into product users, effectively plant grass 999 love pop beads masks, and realize the combination of brand exposure and sales conversion.


In general, from the exhibition to the on-site interaction, through various themed forms such as theme venues, punch-in photos, signatures, product experience, task rewards, and Coser interaction, major brands use the form of comics. Young people pass on the brand story culture, deepen the emotional connection with the young group, and also form and accumulate younger brand assets, and continue to inject new vitality into their own brands or IPs.

In the future, Kuaikan will use more diverse and diverse activities and application scenarios to continue to help brand owners interact with young people and help brands achieve rejuvenation.Return to Sohu, see more

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