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Parade in Venice for the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Pierre Cardin

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Parade in Venice for the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Pierre Cardin

Palazzo Ca ‘Bragadin, in Venice, hosted a special celebratory event in honor of Pierre Cardin: the occasion was the hundredth anniversary of his birth. The designer was born on 2 July 1922 in San Biagio di Callalta (Treviso) a few tens of kilometers from Venice. The Cardin maison has chosen the historic Venetian residence – located in the Santa Croce district – that the couturier had bought many years ago and where he lived during his stays in Italy: an evocative location, rich in history, which hosted a spectacular fashion show, broadcast live streaming (above, two looks inspired by the designer’s work).

The surprise of the concert

To inaugurate the tribute to Monsieur Cardin – at the time awarded by the Presidency of the Italian Republic with the honor of “Grand Officer of the Order of Merit” of which he was particularly proud – was a musical duo of excellence who performed in an engaging performance with music by Ennio Morricone and Astor Pizzolla. On the violin the Ukrainian musician Anastasiya Petryshak and on the piano the Russian musician Natalia Morozowa.

Between historical garments and a look to the future

The first part of the fashion show saw a few dozen of the most iconic and famous models signed by Pierre Cardin on the catwalk who, in the span of seven decades, literally changed the history of fashion and costume at an international level. in the second part of the event, the Cardin maison unveiled the new 2022 collection to the public, not surprisingly called Cent: made up of eco-sustainable clothes and accessories, made with recycled fabrics, natural fibers and materials recovered from the immense heritage of fabrics once purchased by the Italian-French designer and kept in a warehouse on the outskirts of Paris.

100 years collection inspired by environmental sustainability

The theme of the collection is nature: for Pierre Cardin, nature went beyond the confines of the earth: within the Cent collection, for example, there is the “Robe de L’Espace”, made with production scraps of fabrics used to make blankets space thermals, honored by the company Thales Alenia Space. These fabrics, resistant to extreme temperatures and with incredible insulating properties, inspired the historic creative team, under the artistic direction of Rodrigo Basilicati Cardin, who has also been president of the maison since 2020 (pictured above, together with Pierre CardinAmong the accessories that appeared on the catwalk stand out the Pierre Cardin Evolution 9 sunglasses with an innovative and avant-garde design, inspired by celestial bodies and distant galaxies, made in Italy, in a limited and numbered edition. At the end of the show, the artistic director received a bouquet of 144 pink roses from an anonymous guest of the evening as a well-wishing gift for his first show held in Italy after the death of the founder of the house; a gift identical to the one that Christian Dior gave to Pierre Cardin at the time of his first fashion show.

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The novelties of the materials

The Cent collection combines the maison’s avant-garde DNA with the adoption of the principles of circularity and environmental responsibility. As concrete evidence of this commitment, the maison has recently established an award dedicated to sustainable development, called Prix Bulles Cardin, which takes its name from the famous Palais Bulles on the Côte d’Azur, which, not surprisingly, was the favorite residence of the Italian-French designer. The prize will be awarded every year to 5 works, personalities or actions (carried out by public or private bodies), which will have distinguished themselves as being particularly virtuous in the effective promotion and protection, in various forms, of sustainable development. different materials:

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