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Paul Thomas Anderson’s film “Licorice Pizza” is 100% popular with Rotten Tomatoes_TOM Entertainment

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Paul Thomas Anderson, who was nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture with “Blood is Coming” and “The Phantom of the Neon”, has launched another masterpiece, a romantic comedy directed by him“Licorice Pizza”Word of mouth lifted the ban: Rotten Tomatoes are maintained at 100% freshness, with a MetaCritic comprehensive score of 95/100 (12 reviews).

In an earlier interview with “Variety”, Paul Thomas Anderson said that the film was influenced by the youth films “American Style Painting” and “Open American Schools” from the 1970s to 1980s. The media commented that the film was his most important keynote. Lively and joyful work. “Licorice Pizza” is scheduled to be released on Christmas in North America on December 25 and is expected to become an Oscar favorite.

The film

The film

Some media evaluations are as follows:

TimeOut 100分

The film’s description of the San Fernando Valley in California is quite brisk, with the bubbles of champagne almost floating on the screen. This is California’s newest gem. What attracts you is the dazzling possibilities and innocence. It makes me excited.

“Los Angeles Times” 100 points

Paul Thomas Anderson sifted through modified stories and forgotten memories, and pieced together something more specific, more distressing, and more real than any American work this year.

Wrap 100 points

The film is co-starred by two newcomers Haim (her band MV is directed by Anderson) and Hoffman (he is a partner of Anderson and the son of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman). Both People are very dedicated and impressive. The film is a long and personal experience of the times. You can almost smell the cherry in the cocktail and feel the thick carpet under your feet.

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The film

“Daily Telegraph” 100 points

In this world full of algorithm-generated content, Anderson’s ninth film unstoppably stands out from the crowd. You have to go back to 50 years ago and watch Hal Ashbe’s “Shampoo” or Peter Bogdanovic’s “Last Movie” to find a similar feeling.


Warm, affectionate, and romantic, Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Licorice Pizza” is his most relaxing work. “

“Vanity Fair” 75 points

In his glorious and idle career, Anderson showed us all kinds of dirty things, mixed with some vitality and primitive shouts. And “Licorice Pizza” has become his most cheerful work to a certain extent. “

The film


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