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PD Na’s New Variety Show ‘You Sow Melons, You Will Reap Sows’ Premieres with Star-Studded Cast

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PD Na’s New Variety Show Starring Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Woo Bin, DO, and Kim Ki Bong to Premiere in October

Seoul, South Korea – PD Na’s highly anticipated new variety show titled “You Sow Melons, You Will Reap Sows” is set to premiere on October 13. The show will feature popular friends in the entertainment industry including Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Woo Bin, DO (Do Kyung Soo), and Kim Ki Bong.

In the form of a pleasant documentary, “Sowing Melons, Sowing Beans, Reaping Beans” (also known as “Melons, Sowing Beans, Rearing Beans”) will showcase the interesting journey of these friends as they cultivate a small piece of land in the countryside. Viewers will not only witness the challenges of being novice farmers but also experience the natural and relaxing aspects of their friendship.

The first trailer for the show has already been released, revealing glimpses of the fun and excitement that awaits. Lee Kwang-soo, known for his love for Taeda TV series and documentaries, expressed his amazement, saying, “It seems like I have never seen anything like this!” The trailer also showed the friends engaging in stretching exercises and using a unique sprinkler made from a bag filled with water.

The four friends were seen throwing their shoes in the farmland and playing in the river, evoking a sense of childlike innocence and joy. During their farming activities, Lee Kwang Soo seemed to have made an unexpected discovery, while DO showed a surprised expression, leaving viewers curious about what had happened.

Fans of these popular celebrities are eagerly awaiting the premiere of “You Sow Melons, You Will Reap Sows” as they anticipate an entertaining and heartwarming variety show that showcases the bond between these close friends.

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The show is produced by PD Na and will be broadcast on a Korean Star Network. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new variety show.

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