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Peach Color of 2024: Here’s Why I’ll Hate You All Year Long

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Peach Color of 2024: Here’s Why I’ll Hate You All Year Long

To paraphrase the devil, that sweater is not orange, it’s not red, it’s not pink, it’s actually peach, and that sweater doesn’t look good on anyone. Since climate change, seasonal ailments, the one who wields a chainsaw and is immediately elected president weren’t enough, no one has time to say “it could be worse” when Pantone arrives with the color of the year 2024: peach. The shade is called Peach fuzz, and I would say more than a color it is a nuance, a tragedy, a scam. In the last two years we had been doing well with the very peri of 2022, a lilac purple blue, and in 2023 with an always excellent magenta. Rossella Migliaccio, guiding spirit of armochromy, says that peach looks good on those with warm colors, therefore spring or autumn, and thank goodness that mid-seasons no longer existed. We can appreciate on Pantone’s Instagram profile the effort to justify this horrendous crime: “a velvety and gentle peach whose spirit embraces and enriches the mind, body and heart. A warm and welcoming shade that highlights our desire for union with others and the feelings this creates”. Are they perhaps talking about the Esselunga advertisement? Likely.

The Esselunga spot characterized by fishing

I hate peach, I hate it, it makes me think of the nineties when we wore peach or apricot lip gloss to look like Jen Lindley from “Dawson’s Creek”, which didn’t end well anyway. The peach color doesn’t look good on anyone, when we see a peach color dress we say, look at that beautiful dress, it would look good on me, but no, it never looks good on us, not even on Kate Moss does it look good. It’s a little colour, something in between, a pat on the back of good taste, it may be fine for napkins, but not for us. My high moral sense requires me to ask Pantone: what has green done to you? Is it because those who dress in green in beauty trust him? Do we like the humility of the peach color better? I hope some investigative journalists investigate the conspiracy against the green because it cannot be explained. However, we have passed unscathed through the coral color of 2019, we will also overcome the peach color. Perhaps.

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