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Pedro Rivera Breaks Silence on New Romance with Much Younger Woman

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Pedro Rivera Breaks Silence on New Romance with Much Younger Woman

Pedro Rivera, father of the late Jenni Rivera, has made headlines once again after confirming his new romance with a much younger woman. The 79-year-old made a public appearance hand in hand with Nataly Rodríguez on November 29, officially introducing her as his girlfriend. This marks the first relationship for Rivera since his divorce a year ago.

Nataly, an influencer, had been teasing their relationship on social media, and the couple is now open about their romance. Despite the significant age gap between them, they both emphasized that their relationship is based on mutual happiness and declined to elaborate on how they met.

This isn’t the first time Rivera has been in a relationship with a much younger woman. In 2020, he controversially married Juana Ahumada, resulting in a highly publicized divorce two years later. According to Juana, who was Rivera’s assistant for eight years, their relationship soured due to disputes over their inheritance and was marred by humiliation and criticism.

Rivera himself publicly stated that Juana’s efforts to avoid finalizing the divorce caused further tension between them. Moreover, he emphasized that the only woman he ever considered his wife was Rosa Saavedra, with whom he shares five children.

Despite their divorce in 2002, Rivera and Saavedra still maintain a strong familial bond, regularly sharing content on social media and attending events together. However, this time, it was Rivera’s newfound romance that captured the public’s attention as he openly exhibited his affection for Nataly, marking a new chapter in his love life.

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