Home Entertainment People’s Daily praised “Flowers and Teenagers 4” and called for discovering the beauty around you! _ Hua Shao Tuan _ Program _ Yang Mi

People’s Daily praised “Flowers and Teenagers 4” and called for discovering the beauty around you! _ Hua Shao Tuan _ Program _ Yang Mi

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People’s Daily praised “Flowers and Teenagers 4” and called for discovering the beauty around you! _ Hua Shao Tuan _ Program _ Yang Mi

Original title: People’s Daily praised “Flowers and Teenagers 4” and called for discovering the beauty around you!

After five years, the fourth season of Hunan Satellite TV’s “Flowers and Teenagers” finally returned to the screen on June 17. In this season’s program, seven guests, Zhang Kaili, Liu Mintao, Yang Mi, Li Sidani, Zhao Jinmai, Han Dongjun, and Ding Chengxin, started the first stop of their camping trip at Orange Island. After the show aired, it caused a heated discussion among netizens. At the same time, the concept of the program and the presentation of “truth” and “warmth” have also won the attention and praise of mainstream media such as People’s Daily and Cultural Tourism China.

The first meeting of the sister and brother group with real people and warm interaction is full of highlights

In the first episode of the fourth season of “Flowers and Teens”, Hua Shao Tuan first met in Orange Island. The seven guests interacted and loved each other, and they quickly merged through the link of selecting gifts and determining the group leader. Under the leadership of “power group” Yang Mi, Hua Shao Tuan divided the labor to learn camping skills. Yang Mi and Li Sidani were accidentally sprayed by the toilet, which made people laugh. Han Dongjun’s ability to survive in the wild made everyone look at it with admiration. Although the sudden heavy rain caught everyone off guard, the warm picture of the Huashao family holding umbrellas with each other and working together to set up tents in the rain moved many viewers and said, “This is the Huashao family I want to see.”

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Even though the show has just aired for one episode, Zhang Kaili’s hilarious “vinegar king” trait, Yang Mi’s decisive leadership temperament, and Zhao Jin Mai Ding Chengxin’s fresh “post-00” atmosphere impressed the audience. The real reactions and warm interactions of the guests made the audience feel that “this season’s few flowers really live up to expectations”. After dinner, Hua Shao Tuan collectively agreed on travel rules, strictly enforced free work and rest, advocated listening to each other, must be happy, love each other, etc., so that the audience applauded in unison, saying, “The most important thing in travel is sincerity, Hua Shao Tuan is true and true. The loving interaction is very touching.”

Discover the beauty around you, unearth treasures, campsites, help the development of cultural tourism

There is no need to travel far and wide across the ocean, the beautiful scenery is by your side, this season “Flowers and Teenagers” aims to explore the “treasure destination” of Sanxiang and Sishui within 141 kilometers with the guests. At the end of the program, Hua Shao Tuan each gave their dream campsites. They planned according to their wishes. They will start from Orange Island, go to Tai’an Mountain in Zhuzhou, Changde Liuye Lake and Hanshou Wildlife Park, and then arrive at Zhangjiajie Zhangshuying and Wulingyuan, and finally arrive at Furong Town and Bamian Mountain in western Hunan. This time, as long as you walk out of the house, you can find the beauty of life around you and nearby.

Focusing on five sites in Hunan Province, in the form of camping, Hua Shao not only unearthed the clear waters and lush mountains of Hunan, but also extensively stepped on small towns with distinctive stories, thriving new villages and attractive minority markets. Show the beauty of Hunan and the happy face of rural revitalization in front of everyone. As the pioneer of domestic travel reality shows, “Flowers and Teens” has successfully become a “travel vane” in each season before. This season is expected to inject a strong impetus into the development of Hunan’s cultural tourism economy and completely stimulate the “internal circulation” of tourism consumption. . According to the reporter’s understanding, the next stop, the Hua Shao sister and brother group will gather in Zhuzhou to share the beautiful scenery of the journey together on the campsite of their dreams.

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