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Performing to educate people’s hearts and defense officials thank Shen Yun to return to morality | Dynamic Sky Screen | Seattle Marion Oliver McCaw Theater

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[Epoch Times October 04, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Chen Yiran reported in Seattle, USA) On the afternoon of October 3, 2021, Mr. John Trail, Assistant Port Secretary of the Department of Defense, at the Seattle Marion Oliver McCaw Theater (Seattle Marion Oliver McCaw) on the afternoon of October 3, 2021. Hall) watched the last performance of Shen Yun Global Performing Arts in the local area. He couldn’t restrain the joy and gratitude in his heart. He praised and said, “She (Shen Yun) is really incredible, I really love her” because “She reforms morals and cultivates people’s hearts.”

Trail used to serve as chief senior quartermaster in the US Navy for 20 years, and now serves as assistant port master and merchant captain in the Department of Defense. He said that what moved him most about Shen Yun was its morality.

“I really like the aesthetics of the performance. I did a great job, including the special effects. The actors jumped from the stage to the dynamic sky screen and switched freely. But what I like very much is the (Shen Yun) morality. She teaches people to discern. Good and evil, because every show story is about justice over evil.”

Trail praised Shen Yun with excitement, “I like her telling people not to believe in all the bad things that are destroying our society, such as atheism and modern illusions. I hope people can listen, because these evils have led to the degeneration of our entire Western world culture and society. “

Trail said that he understands why Shen Yun’s performances are banned by the Communist Party. He said, “The problem is that people living in the United States don’t know how free they are.”

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“I have served in the Navy for 26 years. I have been to China, I have been to China many times, I have been to Hong Kong many times, I have been to all of Southeast Asia, India, and I can continue (speaking). The American way of life is So lucky; but they don’t know that their rights are slowly being taken away by the American Communist Party, socialists, and evil people who want to manipulate the government.”

Trail is getting more and more excited. “In Hong Kong, people are fighting back against the Communist government. Hong Kong people are waving the American flag. In the United States, these brainless people are waving the flag of communism.” “This is our problem. “

He also agrees with Shen Yun’s mission of restoring traditional Chinese culture, “I think this is great” and “I wish them good luck.”

Trail feels the powerful energy from the performance, and he is also grateful that Shen Yun has brought hope to the world.

The live music performed by the Shen Yun Performing Arts Orchestra also left an extremely deep impression on Trail, “(Shen Yun) music is incredible beauty! Very beautiful! Especially the musician playing the erhu, really incredible, beautiful music. This That’s why I bought this DVD.”

He said he must recommend Shen Yun’s performance to his friends, “I want to tell my friends that Shen Yun’s visual effects shock the soul, and the performance is beautiful and otherworldly.”

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