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Petit Hotel Chernobyl: the tragicomedy that disturbs the viewer returns

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Petit Hotel Chernobyl: the tragicomedy that disturbs the viewer returns

Four women survive in one piece. A young woman chews incomprehensible soliloquies on a bed from which she only leaves to go to the sidewalk or the terrace. A teacher who remembers her working days as a greater hell than her present one, singing the San Lorenzo march in operatic key. An aspiring tennis player whose quarter of an hour has already passed and a coach who has perhaps the only glimmer of hope that can save that situation. Beyond any argument or fight, nothing will take them away from that place… where the four of them come together and need each other.
This is how it is presented Petit Hotel Chernobyl, a text of Andres Binetti which reaches its third season Actors Courtyard (Lerma 568, CABA) always with the address of Nicolas Manasseri. These four characters are played by Silvia Villazur, Martina Zapico, Alejandra Oteiza and Jowy Sztryk, from the Friday, October 6 at 10:30 p.m.
To learn a little more about this “work that is very particular” We spoke with Alejandra, who assured that “We are four women who are locked in a room in a hotel or a boarding house and we have moments of comedy, humor, while the colors of each character are distinguished. Of course, in the end you will not know what each one did. Each spectator constructs the ending from what he sees and what he feels.“, he says intriguingly before revealing the genesis of the piece:

Furthermore, the interpreter assures that they decided “Out of the sheer pleasure that we as actresses get from doing it, we return for four performances. I clarify that it is a tragicomedy, although we will not see tragic moments. There are certain moments in which the spectator, in his discomfort, laughs. Because the spectator It is part of the work: there are performances in which the audience, whose energy is contagious, is given to laughing and others in which they are amazed and no one laughs. The good thing is that everyone likes what is being done. Come on. And the performances stand out – he remembers -. Each character generates something, you can laugh but you feel sorry for it; it also generates ambivalence of feelings. ”
With only four actresses and a minimal staging, it would seem like an ideal work to take on tour. “We would love to take it on tour through the Interior or to towns in Greater Buenos Aires, but what happens with all works: it is not easy to move it. I am from Rosario and the people of my city tell me: ‘When are you bringing it?’ “But it’s not just about the transfer, you have to spend the night and be able to get a difference in return, because it doesn’t make sense to go at a loss: Independent theater is sometimes of high quality but you don’t make money”. Of course hope is the last thing to be lost, right? Maybe they will have them soon in your area, in the meantime you can see them in the Federal Capital. Find more information about tickets here.

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