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PLAY BIG: The Fusion of Classic Brand Symbols and Art with LACOSTE

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PLAY BIG: The Fusion of Classic Brand Symbols and Art with LACOSTE

LACOSTE Unveils “PLAY BIG” Visual Blockbuster Featuring Global Spokespersons

In a bold move to merge classic brand symbols with art, LACOSTE has launched a new visual blockbuster campaign titled “PLAY BIG.” The campaign aims to showcase the brand’s unique high-end positioning and the power of its iconic crocodile logo. By gathering global brand spokespersons to display the spirit of LACOSTE, the campaign highlights the diversity and strength of each individual involved.

The protagonist of the visual blockbuster is the giant crocodile, representing the symbolic brand with its colorful, cute, and huge presence. Created entirely from tennis-related materials in France, the giant crocodile structure was brought to life by four talented artists: Imruh Asha, Ibby Njoya, Willy Vanderperre, and Antonio Sánchez. Together, they transformed the crocodile into a majestic work of art, symbolizing LACOSTE’s commitment to creativity and innovation.

The campaign features six brand global spokespersons, each embodying the brand’s values of self-expression and fearlessness. Tennis legend Novak Djokovic, influential artist Wang Yibo, trendsetting tennis player Venus Williams, French actor Pierre Niney, Korean actor Ahn Hyo-seop, and singer/model Jeon Somi participate in unique interactions with the giant crocodile, showcasing their individual styles and driving spirits.

CATHERINE SPINDLER, Global Deputy CEO of LACOSTE, expressed pride in the brand’s rich heritage and innovative spirit. She emphasized the importance of challenging oneself and expressing individuality, urging fans to join in the campaign to break through confidently and show the diverse spirit of the crocodile. The “PLAY BIG” visual campaign reflects LACOSTE’s commitment to sports fashion and constant exploration in the field, reinforcing the brand’s reputation for excellence and innovation.

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