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Police Officer Set to Make History as First Competitor in Miss USA Pageant

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Police Officer Set to Make History as First Competitor in Miss USA Pageant

Candace Kanavel, a member of the Tempe, Arizona SWAT team, is set to make history as the first police officer to compete in the Miss USA pageant. After being crowned Miss Arizona in May, the 27-year-old Kanavel is now preparing to take on the national competition.

In addition to her role as a hostage negotiator at the Tempe Police Department, Kanavel aims to show the world that police officers are multi-dimensional individuals with hobbies, families, and lives beyond their duties. She wants to give those outside of law enforcement an insight into what officers are really like. According to Kanavel, “we want to give people who are not in law enforcement an idea of what we officers are like.”

Kanavel feels empowered both in her police uniform and when she displays her sash and crown, as both represent an opportunity for her to make a positive impact and help others. She emphasizes that she is still performing the same job, just in a different uniform.

In addition to her participation in the beauty pageant, Kanavel shared on Instagram one of her upcoming goals: to meet Sandra Bullock, who portrayed FBI Special Agent Gracie Hart in the film “Miss Congeniality,” where she goes undercover in a beauty pageant.

The Miss USA 2023 competition is scheduled to take place at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada. The winner will be crowned by Miss USA 2022, Morgan Romano of North Carolina. This event provides an exceptional platform to showcase the diverse talents and experiences of women across the United States.

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As Kanavel breaks barriers and challenges stereotypes, she represents the strength and determination of women in law enforcement and proves that anyone can pursue their passions, even in unexpected arenas.

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