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Policy guidance, model upgrades, and online movies with diverse themes are riding the wind-Entertainment-中工网

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Policy guidance, model upgrades, and online movies with diverse themes are riding the wind-Entertainment-中工网

Original title: Policy guidance, model upgrades, online movies with diverse themes ride the wind

A few days ago, the State Administration of Radio and Television released a collection of “2022 Online Audio-Visual Boutique Programs”. Six online movies including “Tibetan Grass Green”, “Super Hero Huang Jiguang”, “Company of Warriors” and “Bomb Hands” were selected, which not only showed the prosperity of online movies Vitality also contributes to the prosperity and development of online audio-visual content.

Online movies are one of the forms of online literature and art that audiences love, and they are also an important part of the online audio-visual industry. With policy guidance, platform promotion and content gradually gaining audience recognition, online movies will continue to prosper in 2022, and together with theater movies, they will constitute a new cultural landscape for Chinese movies.

Policy support gives confidence to the development of online movies

From June 1, 2022, the State Administration of Radio and Television will incorporate the review of domestic online dramas into the management of administrative licensing items in accordance with regulations, and begin to issue the “Internet Drama Distribution License”. This marks that the management of online dramas has entered the era of administrative licenses from the era of filing and registration, and that online dramas have entered a new stage of standardization, standardization, and professional development.

Since the introduction of the “big online movie” model in 2014, more creators have been able to enter the film field with the account sharing model, which has stimulated the vitality of film creation, but at the same time, there has also been a “mixed situation”. With the promulgation of a series of policies such as the “Notice on the Upgrade of Online Audiovisual Program Information Filing System” and “Opinions on Promoting the High-Quality Development of the Radio and Television and Online Audiovisual Industry”, and the introduction of a series of models to accelerate the quality of online movies by video platforms Innovation and operational initiatives. Online movies are gradually moving from “barbaric growth” to “virtuous circle”, and the industrial ecology is healthier.

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Up to now, it has been more than half a year since the license management of online dramas has been implemented. Judging from the implementation effect, it is progressing smoothly and has achieved positive results. The first batch of licensed works including the online movie “Leaves on the Golden Mountain” and the online drama “Dueling” have also received widespread attention from inside and outside the industry. It is believed that the distribution license system’s clear path for the presentation of high-quality online audio-visual content and the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of works will continue to boost the creative confidence of practitioners and promote the emergence of more high-quality online movies.

Cloud theater premiere mode helps filmmakers get higher box office revenue

The rapid development of online movies in the direction of quality, diversification, and specialization is based on policy support. At the same time, video platforms have also made many useful attempts in model innovation. In order to further break the account sharing ceiling and provide investment and income guarantees for high-quality content, on May 13, 2021, iQIYI released the Cloud Cinema brand. On April 1, 2022, iQiyi will upgrade the online movie cooperation model. According to the new rules, iQIYI Online Movies will implement two distribution models: “cloud cinema premiere” and “member premiere”.

With the abolition of the “effective paid clicks” in the first six minutes of the new regulations, and the adjustment to “time-based accounting”, viewers who are driven by the six-minute drive and are truly attracted by the plot will achieve differentiated returns on their viewing consumption. Creators and film-side platforms enthusiasm has been further invigorated. In September 2022, iQiyi announced that it will increase the proportion of filmmakers in the on-demand payment period of the cloud cinema premiere mode from 60% to 90%, helping filmmakers obtain higher profits.

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“Content reaches users directly, allowing consumers to directly determine the survival of the fittest, and truly leveraging users for a higher box office share. At the same time, film producers and platforms work together to create incremental revenue, accelerating the high-quality and diversified development of the entire film market. A virtuous circle.” Song Jia, vice president of iQiyi and general manager of the film center, said.

Go further. At the beginning of the new year, iQiyi once again pressed the accelerator button for “online movie distribution”. On January 1, 2023, the box office query system of Cloud Cinema’s premiere movies was officially launched. Film producers can not only check the daily rankings and annual rankings, but also query the data details, content popularity, user portraits and other segments of the entire life cycle of the movie in real time. dimension data.

Song Jia said that the announcement of the specific box office data this time is to allow practitioners to more clearly feel the pulse of creation, “For example, what kind of results can be obtained in a certain type of film, and the different popularity will stimulate the box office. In terms of how big the role is, it provides creators with some big data references, so that they can understand and predict the future earnings of their films before they are officially put into production.”

Online movies still need to win respect with good content

“Blacksmith need its own hardware”. Whether it is the advent of the era of “Internet Standards” in terms of policies, or the continuous optimization and upgrading of the cloud theater model in terms of platforms, the most important factor to gain market recognition is the quality of online movies themselves, and whether they can satisfy the high-quality and diverse needs of the majority of netizens. Differentiated and differentiated viewing needs.

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Improving quality and reducing quantity has always been the key word in the development of online movies in recent years. The data shows that in 2022, the number of online movies on various video platforms will be further reduced, but the number of moviegoers will increase steadily. Films such as “Blind Battle”, “No Man in Eyes” and “Snow Mountain Flying Fox: The Treasure of Saibei” launched in the cloud theater mode all performed well, broadening the track expression of action, martial arts and other themes, and won double recognition from the audience and the market.

It is worth mentioning that the addition of realistic themes and the creation of the main theme has given online movies more vigorous vitality. War films such as “Ice and Snow Sniper”, “Super Hero Huang Jiguang” and “Company of Warriors” enter from the “small cut”, with a specific hero or characters as the protagonist, to pass on the fighting spirit of the Chinese people and participate in the construction of mainstream culture. In addition, folk thrillers will also perform outstandingly in 2022 due to the scarcity of their themes, creating a unique cultural heritage and treacherous and changeable folk culture space.

“Some people may still question that the box office of online movies will not increase much in 2022, and the number of movies breaking 10 million will not be many. But I think that 2022 will be a period of calm growth for online movies, making the future development direction of online movies clearer. .” In Song Jia’s view, 2022 has laid a solid foundation for the future development of online movies, “If you make content with your heart, you will definitely be respected.”

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