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President Javier Milei met with the number 2 of the International Monetary Fund

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President Javier Milei met with the number 2 of the International Monetary Fund

President Javier Milei received the Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Gita Gopinath, at Casa Rosada to analyze the progress of the plan agreed with the Government, which allowed him to access a disbursement of US$ 4.7 billion.

This morning, at the usual press conference, presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni denied the versions that indicated that the government would be processing a new disbursement with the organization, although he acknowledged “We are absolutely aligned with what the Fund may ask for in terms of goals. and what should be done to stabilize the Argentine economy, but in any case the government is willing to study any alternative that adds value to the talks,” Adorni said, but he ruled out that the government has requested a new loan: “No, No request was made, but I repeat, any issue can be discussed and it seems to us that it should be that way, in fact,” he justified.

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It is worth remembering that yesterday, Gopinath met with the head of the Treasury, Luis Caputo. After the meeting, the Minister of Economy raised the possibility of negotiating a new program, different from the current one that ends in September and that includes additional disbursements, by ensuring, during a television interview, that the multilateral organization is “open to exploring a new agreement.”

In this regard, he stated that “They put the possibility of a new agreement on the table.”“We also study alternatives and talk about a new agreement, to see if there is something better for the Argentines,” although he clarified that “It’s not that we are going to do it but that we are going to study it,” ensuring that “If it is better and involves more outlays, fine” since “we are studying what is best for the country.”

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As revealed by the IMF itself, Gopintah’s contacts are aimed at “know the difficult economic and social challenges of Argentina, as well as its enormous potential.”

The delegation led by Gopinath on his visit to Buenos Aires andis integrated by andThe deputy director of the Department of Western Hemisphere Luis Cubeddu, the head of the Argentine mission to the board of the Fund Ashvin Ahuja and the permanent representative in the country, Ben Kelmansonas reported.

Gopinath is also scheduled to meet the Home Minister, Guillermo Francos, before meeting a representative of the General Confederation of Labor, Gerardo Martínez, who will seek to convey the discontent of the workers due to the adjustments carried out by the government.

At 3:00 p.m., the turn of the CGT

Representing the CGT, the head of the Uocra, Gerardo Martinez will meet Gita Gopinath this afternoon in his capacity as Secretary of International Relations of the CGT and representative of Latin America and the Caribbean in the International Labor Organization (ILO).

In dialogue with the Télam agency, Martínez said that he will convey to Gopinath that “The workers” seek “economic stability” and, in addition, they will ask you to “intervene” so that the Government receives them.

The meeting will take place from 3 p.m. at the IMF headquarters in Buenos Aires, located at 1178 Paraguay in this capital, after the meetings that Gopinath had with President Javier Milei and that he now has with the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, at the Government House. .

“I will convey to you that the workers are suffering, that we seek economic stability and that we believe that political dialogue, social dialogue is necessary. There is no political force that alone can solve the structural problems of Argentina”said the union leader.

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“We are experiencing an extreme recession never seen before and for many sectors of society this situation is intolerable. Inflation is the tax on poverty, so the greater the inflation, the poorer we are in Argentina, and particularly the workers,” said the leader.

Furthermore, Martínez explained: “We believe in institutional dialogue, in social dialogue, that is why all Argentines voted last year and we want to consolidate our democratic system, but also consolidate our program of an Argentina that is inclusive and that has a valued about what culture, work, productive development and investment mean”.

“I am going to the meeting in that spirit, understanding that at this moment we are suffering an extreme recession never seen before and we do not know to what extent society can tolerate this situation,” he concluded.


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