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Pressing by Letta, Franceschini and Zingaretti on Conte: “You run in Gualtieri’s seat”. The former prime minister thinks so

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As a gesture of support now that he finds himself in difficulty within the Movement, Enrico Letta is ready to cede the seat of the capital that belonged to Roberto Gualtieri to his ally Giuseppe Conte. With the leader of the 5 stars (always grappling with the controversy of the various grilline factions that only weaken him) there is already an agreement scheme, aimed at cementing the Pd-M5s alliance: agreement also sponsored by the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini. Who, together with Letta and Zingaretti, is pressing to convince the former premier to run on January 13 in the college of central Rome. A college that on paper is easy to conquer (Gualtieri won it with over 60%), but which could prove to be very tricky. For this Conte is thinking carefully about it.

In fact, it is not known how Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda will act, but it is probable that they will field an adverse candidate. And we are already talking about that Marco Bentivogli, a strong man from the CISL, now an exponent of the Base association, a reformist from the Renzian area, a formidable opponent in a certain center-left electorate.

Letta’s scheme for this election was simple: either deploy the so-called joker, personified by the figures of Nicola Zingaretti and Giuseppe Conte, always in the logic of the alliance. Or a woman, or alternatively Enrico Gasbarra, another strong man of the Roman Democratic Party, former president of the province. Zingaretti, with whom Letta has a very solid relationship, must complete his mandate in the Lazio region, especially now that the pandemic has worsened. The Conte option would serve to strengthen the reasons for the alliance. Among women, the names are those of Cecilia D’Elia, Annamaria Furlan. But at this point the Democratic Party hopes that Conte accepts, also because time is running out and we need to start an electoral machine to beat the right: certainly, if Conte can be dictated, Meloni and Salvini will try to take a highly symbolic revenge.

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