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Prince Harry’s Past Comes Back to Haunt Him: Woman Claims to Have Sold His Black Underwear

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Prince Harry’s Past Comes Back to Haunt Him: Woman Claims to Have Sold His Black Underwear

Prince Harry is once again facing some demons from his crazy past. A woman named Carrie Royale claims to have sold some black underwear that belonged to the now Duke of Sussex. In 2012, the most wayward grandson of Isabel II caused a scandal of planetary dimensions after the leak of some photos in which he appeared completely naked and in a playful attitude with several women, within the framework of several days of partying in Las Vegas. One of them would be the aforementioned Carrie, who is now 52 years old and was working as a stripper the day she met Charles III’s son.

As can be seen from the statements she has offered to The Sun newspaper, Carrie Royale auctioned that very intimate garment and just a few days ago it was purchased by the owner of a San Diego nightclub, Dino Palmiotto, who would have paid $250,000 for such an eye-catching item. object. “There is a club in San Diego called Exposé, and it is the owner who bought them. He is building a kind of sanctuary for Harry, as I understand it,” said the former dancer.

Before getting rid of those underwear, which she has not explained exactly how they ended up in her possession, Carrie Royale temporarily donated them to the so-called Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas. It was at that moment when Dino Palmiotto realized that his place would become one of the most visited tourist attractions in San Diego if he followed that same strategy.

“I saw them and said to myself: ‘I want those underwear for my club.’ They are a piece of history, they will always be part of Harry’s story. That guy is a hero and an icon, as is his wife. They are criticizing me for it, but the truth is that I am a fan of both,” the businessman explained shortly before buying that piece of underwear, in an interview with the same newspaper.

Carrie Royale does not share that impression about Harry, and has refrained from commenting on Meghan Markle. In addition, she has revealed that she has more photos that portray the scantily clad prince in those marathon days of wild partying in the city of the game. Unlike what happened 12 years ago, this woman has no intention of selling her snapshots to the tabloids, but rather she will personally display them on her OnlyFans account in order to raise at least “a couple of million dollars.”.

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“I have never published these photos out of respect. But now I don’t care. The guy is an idiot,” she stated with obvious resentment towards the prince, as she expected some mention of her in his memoir ‘Spare: in the shadow’. “It bothers me that he tried to whitewash his image in his book. It seems that he has forgotten many of the things that happened that night. But the surprising thing is that he remembers someone’s name, because he was very drunk. But he could have talked about what what happened between us, he has ignored it,” he laments.

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