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Producer Thai Long Ly Enhances Recording Flexibility with Neve 1073DPX Preamp & EQ

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Title: Producer Thai Long Ly Enhances Mobile Recording Setup with Neve 1073DPX Dual-Channel Preamp & EQ

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[LOCATION] – Producer and engineer Thai Long Ly recently acquired the Neve 1073DPX Dual-channel preamp & EQ, enhancing the flexibility and sound quality of his mobile recording equipment. With this versatile mic preamp, Ly can now seamlessly follow up on his mixing projects, delivering unparalleled sonic experiences.

Since 2018, Ly has been the official sound engineer for the Postmodern Jukebox (PMJ) ensemble, known for reinventing popular modern music into various retro genres, particularly jazz. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bell Sound studio in California, where Ly was based, shifted its focus to recording voice-overs and ADR. Consequently, Ly had to transform his home into a studio, necessitating reliable and powerful mobile recording equipment.

“I keep my own mobile recording device with my passport so I can go wherever it takes me,” Ly explained. “In my current studio, I’m mostly mixing – just the occasional vocal or instrumental recording.”

The addition of the Neve 1073DPX to Ly’s setup proved to be a crucial step in his recording journey. He already possessed nearly 26 channels of various mic preamps in his mobile device but aimed to incorporate the fatness and warmth of the Neve 1073 series circuitry into his sound, enabling a fuller mix.

Being a bassist, Ly has a refined sensitivity to low frequencies and their impact on depth. He remarked that the 1073DPX has consistently delivered in this aspect. Its subtle frequency cuts and sweet midrange curve provide exceptional clarity while maintaining tonal integrity. Ly particularly appreciates the front-panel DIs, which allow him to connect directly to a variety of mics and instruments. Moreover, the preamp’s solid build quality and logical layout align with his expectations of Neve’s renowned reputation.

The 1073DPX isn’t Ly’s first Neve purchase. In 2008, he acquired a Neve 8816 for his original home studio, becoming a fan of Neve mixing consoles since then. Over the years, Ly has had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed artists such as George Duke, P!nk, Dionne Warwick, Stanley Clarke, Johnny Mathis, Vinnie Colaiuta, Thundercat, Kamasi Washington, Elle King, and Robbie Williams.

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Beyond his involvement with PMJ, Ly contributes to the industry as an active member of the Cinema Audio Society (CAS), serving as a post-production sound mixer and sound editor for film and television projects. He has also worked on various other endeavors, including the final mix for bassist Hadrien Feraud’s upcoming album, post-production of a film score produced by international touring group Snowapple, and live video recording for rock/pop group East of June. In all of these projects, Neve equipment plays a significant role, highlighting Ly’s fondness for the Neve sound.

“It’s a sound that stays in your head. From the first time I used Neve, I consider Neve to be a big part of my music career. Whenever I’m in front of a Neve console, I still feel like a child; it’s a wonderful feeling,” Ly expressed.

The Neve 1073DPX boasts an impressive array of features and specifications. Its frequency response spans from 20Hz to 20kHz ±0.5dB, catering to a wide range of audio requirements. The mic input impedance ranges from 300Ω to 1.2kΩ, with a corresponding mic gain of +80 to +20dB. The line input impedance stands at 10kΩ, accompanied by a line gain of +20dB to -20dB. The DI input impedance ranges from 1mΩ to 10kΩ, with a DI gain of +80 to +20dB. The preamp offers an output level of +26dBu and an output impedance of 600Ω. It operates within a power supply range of 180V to 230V and weighs approximately 10kg.

With the Neve 1073DPX Dual-channel preamp & EQ in his arsenal, Thai Long Ly continues to craft extraordinary musical experiences, blending his expertise as an engineer and his musical background as a bassist.

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