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“Project C Plan” and “Plan C of the B World” start a new warm-up mode and look forward to it-Qianlong.com.cn

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“Project C Plan” and “Plan C of the B World” start a new warm-up mode and look forward to it-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: “Project C Plan” and “Plan C in World B” start a new warm-up mode and look forward to it

On October 31, the youth fantasy series “Plan C in B World“, produced by Beijing Zebra Century Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd., co-presented by Pan-Collar Culture Media (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. and directed by Chen Sihan, started in Beijing. The play is co-starred by Gao Tianni and outstanding trainees of “Project C” Luo Yan, Li Xijie, Huang Wenjin, Bai Yuanhao and Liang Zexin. story.

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The trainees of the “Project C plan” will play the role of the new recruits of the agency in the play. Five big boys with different personalities staged a cruel reality of “can’t get on the dream stage”. “Upgrade Fighting Monsters” overcame difficulties and obstacles, and finally wrote a touching story of miracles with persistence and love, showing the group portrait of a new powerful boy group in today’s music market.

It is worth mentioning that, as a youth musical drama that takes into account both inspirational growth and audio-visual enjoyment of the music stage, “Plan C in the B World” is of course indispensable for the explosive stage to release the charm of teenagers. Under the escort of the excellent production team and music production team, the trainees of “Project C” will also bring a variety of stage performances as the plot progresses, and there will be a surprise appearance of the team’s new original songs .

The “Project C Plan” debuted in early 2020 as a trainee project under Pan-Collar Culture, and continues to actively expand the exposure of resources in multiple fields. Previously, the trainees participated in the recording of popular programs such as “Creation Camp 2021”, “Little Brothers Everyday”, and “This is Hip-hop”, showing solid basic skills and different personal styles in the programs. Pan-Collar Culture also held the trainees’ first offline performance “Project C Open Stage” in December last year, which not only won high praise from the public and the industry media, but also won the “JYP China Trainee Offline Stage”. Top searches on social media platforms.

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This year, Pan-Collar Culture has increased the training of trainees’ original ability, launched the “Project Vol.” series of original songs, and released two songs “AM 3:30” and “The Great Voyager” by the trainees The self-created musical works show the trainees’ all-round creative strength, from lyric composition to choreography. “Men’s Team” once again reached the top of the hot search on social media platforms, directly filling the public’s sense of anticipation for the official appearance of “Project C” in the future.

In addition, “Project C” has also maintained active external cooperation in the field of fashion vision, and participated in the Wonderland 360° comprehensive attack special plan of “Wonderland New Vision” in cooperation with the international luxury fashion brand Givenchy, interpreting fashion with its unique self-character It has a different tone, affirming the commercial value potential of the “Project C plan” trainees from the side.

The “Project C Plan” trainees collectively perform in “Project C in World B” is also an important part of Pan-Collar Culture’s diversified operation and all-round exposure process before the trainees officially enter the market. It is reported that the play will meet audiences and fans in the first half of 2023, and it has been reported that the trainees of the “Project C plan” may officially debut next year. It is believed that with the broadcast of the show, the trainees of “Project C” will also start their official entry into the market in a high-profile manner, let’s wait and see!

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