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“Project C” program debuts collectively on the glamour stage to show singing and dancing ability_Training_Event_Dance

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Original title: “Project C” program debuts collectively on the glamour stage to show singing and dancing skills

On December 7, the first “Open Stage” public evaluation offline event of the trainee program “Project C” under Panling Culture was successfully held in Beijing. Media representatives, industry experts, and industry colleagues invited online and offline all attended the venue to witness the initial stage performances of the six trainees of the “Project C” program. This event is the first collective appearance of “Project C” since its release, and the learning achievements of the trainees will be presented on the external stage. It is reported that Panling Culture also invited live audiences to conduct observation surveys after the performance, so as to draw comments and suggestions from all walks of life on this stage.

The trainees at the event site “Project C” opened with a charming dance song full of youthfulness. The enthusiasm and vigorous style perfectly fits the sunny and youthful characteristics of the trainees. The melody catches the ears and the rhythm is cheerful. The lyrics filled in by the members themselves fully demonstrate their sunny, enthusiastic and positive outlook.

PROJECT C Bai Yuanhao

PROJECT C Huang Wenjin


In the part of personal display, the six trainees brought individual stages according to their personal strengths and style preferences. Luo Yan, a RAP song with hand-written lyrics, has a lively and cheerful melody and expresses positive values; Li Xijie’s vigorous voice demonstrates youthful demeanor, and his powerful dance releases his personal charm to the full; Liu Fujie’s gentle and grainy voice tells the story Speaking, as if to bring the romance of the rainy night to the scene; Bai Yuanhao’s youth is like water, clear and gentle, and the healing voice is unsatisfactory; Huang Wenjin is affectionate and graceful, and the dancing corners are full of love and perseverance; Liang Zexin dance aura Fully open, control the stage, express the attitude of life with a deep voice and neat dance. The wonderful personal stage of the six trainees caused constant chants and applause. At the end of the performance, the neat and tidy group of sword dances perfectly matched the dynamic rhythm. The smooth dance movements and excellent stage performance made the whole event the icing on the cake and brought great visual enjoyment to the audience.

PROJECT C Liang Zexin



During the one-hour performance, the members of “Project C” brought an audio-visual feast beyond the level of trainees to the guests. The audience cheered and applauded endlessly, and received a lot of praise and praise. After the performance, the trainees of “Project C” shared their feelings on the official Weibo, expressing the tension and excitement of the first collective stage, and at the same time, they also expressed that they have submitted a satisfactory answer for the upcoming training life of this year.

It is reported that after this “Open Stage” public evaluation activity is over, the trainees of “Project C” will continue to devote themselves to intense training and study life. I believe that in the new year, the trainees of “Project C” will continue to set their goals on the road to dream, move forward bravely, and live up to expectations!Return to Sohu to see more


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