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PRONOUNCE Releases Spring/Summer 2023 Collection “Vortex” at London Fashion Week | HYPEBEAST

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PRONOUNCE Releases Spring/Summer 2023 Collection “Vortex” at London Fashion Week | HYPEBEAST

The PRONOUNCE Spring/Summer 2023 collection was officially released at London Fashion Week on September 20. Continuing the brand’s imagery research’s obsession with the “circle,” this season PRONOUNCE shifted the focus away from their signature tailoring and ongoing conversations about nomadic culture. Instead, a rapidly spinning circular saw pattern echoes the movement of the spinning top and dances across tailored jackets, cocoon coats, zip-up tops and shorts, with blocky stitching details and three-dimensional rope responses. Used on clothing surfaces. The language of craftsmanship is used throughout the collection, made from high-quality cotton, linen and ramie fabrics, plus recycled materials that feature hand-contrasting phantom stitching on school shorts, as well as Mongolian hands Works – Knitted ball sweaters and hats made from mercerized yarn.

The designer thinks that the depth of the fast spinning top becomes a whirlpool of air. This whirlpool may be the fetters of life, the target of the future, or the fog or the pursuit of the goal. motive. The plastic doll from Beijing Toys Three in the 1970s evokes the designer’s childhood memories, redesigned in thick indigo denim, with a small statue emerging from the breast pocket of a sleeveless jacket Head up. The retro baby face is digitally printed on the shirt using environmentally friendly printing technology, and the print with the shrunken head upside down is repeated on a pair of shorts, alluding to the public’s conformity and the confusion of the times. These deformed silhouettes reappear on hand-beaded embroidered knitted backs, with woven figurines tucked under the armpits, PRONOUNCE uses hand and machine to achieve the unknown.

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Not only does it continue to cooperate with UNDETECTED to develop creative silver jewelry, but the sterling silver ring on the model’s hand is handmade by craftsmen in southeastern Guizhou. The asymmetry and dizziness of the makeup in some models reflect the information asymmetry of the current era and the split characteristics of the inner and outer people. The wet hair of the models seems to be deep in the vortex, unable to control themselves. Men’s and women’s wearable wardrobes are still at the forefront of the brand, and this season continues to research and transform mid-sleeves and long-shirts. The use of long-shirts has ingeniously obtained the softness of Chinese evening dresses. grid. The cut language turns with the looseness and twist of the jacket on the body, while the men’s coats, crop tops and women’s sleeveless tuxedo jackets remain consistently sharp and uninhibited. Trousers, shirts and shorts feature buckles and warps, and indigo denim features contrasting crisp stitching that swirls from all sides as designers find themselves caught in the whirlpool of the season’s imagination.

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