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Protection of the rights of the disabled: 22 municipal agents awarded in the Region

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On the occasion of the World Day of Disabled Persons, the Liguria Region praised the agents of the Local Police who have distinguished themselves in the protection of their rights. The awards were delivered by the councilor for security Andrea Benveduti, by the secretary and coordinator of the Regional Council for Handicap Claudio Puppo and by the commanders of the Local Police to 22 agents of Genoa, La Spezia, Savona, Chiavari and Sanremo who supervised the correct use of the Cude – European disabled unified pass, on dedicated parking spaces, on pedestrian crossings and, more generally, on structures that guarantee the mobility of disabled people and all citizens. In addition to the agents, an operator from Genova Parcheggi was also honored, particularly active in reporting such abuses.

“Disability education in society is a fundamental issue, which requires a qualitative leap in the integration process, starting from early childhood – says the councilor for safety Andrea Benveduti – Today we pay homage to those women and to those men in uniform who, with a great sense of responsibility, distinguished themselves in the years 2020 and 2021 in guaranteeing the rights and equality of all “. “I join the thanks to the agents – underlines the councilor for social policies Ilaria Cavo – for having carried out their work with care, for having respected those symbols that say a lot. Respect for those symbols that regulate parking for the disabled means to respect the stories, the difficulties. It is important to create culture in this sense and we will continue to do so “. “Today is a day of celebration, which we want to reserve for all those who allow us to live as equals every day – says Claudio Puppo, secretary and coordinator of the Regional Council for Handicap – The Consulta is always at the side of all institutions , and above all of those on the road, to protect the rights that allow us to live more peacefully “

The winners:


• High Commissioner Presotto Maurizio

• Superintendent Forcieri Ugo

• Elected Agent Zanini Eros

• Agent Ravizza Davide


• Mr. Amoriello Guerino


• Superintendent Caprili Luca

• Sassarini assistant Sabrina

• Selected Agent Barillari Stefania

• Agent Bernieri Andrea


• Chief Superintendent Despini Vittorio

• Superintendent Ferrari Fabio

• Superintendent Matteo Marisaldi

• Agent Davide Boagno


• Agent Lisa Romaggi

• Commissioner Briccolo Marco

• Chief Superintendent Paganelli Tiziano

• Chief Superintendent Luca Dentone


• Chief Superintendent Giovanni Di Franco

• Assistant Enzo Marin

• Agent Cristina Mela

• Agent Davide Gorga

• Agent Giancarlo Savini Lunghi Gatti

• Agent Massimo Marchetto

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