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Puglia, the Councilor for Culture Bray resigns: health reasons

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“I am not in a position to fulfill the duties assigned to me.” In a long post published on his social page, Massimo Bray announces the choice to leave the guide of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Puglia region. The news, in the corridors of the buildings in Bari, had already been circulating for a few days. Former councilor of Emiliano and former minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities with the Letta government, Bray is director general of the Treccani Encyclopedia. Salento origins, in the farewell on social media he refers to his personal health situation and to the indications received from the doctors. “I think it is the first time – he specifies – that I make a choice thinking about my person, but I think I have to make it above all for the people who are close to me and whom I would like to be able to” see “for a long time».

Bray also speaks of the “energies” necessary to carry out such a delicate task and of “profound respect” for the institutions. «The emotion and the pain – he continues – are very strong, like the love and respect I have always had for our culture and our stories. In this short but intense period, it has happened to me several times to mention Aldo Moro, perhaps because I needed certain points of reference. Writing these words I thought back to his reflection: “the truth enlightens and gives courage.” And in this particular moment they are words of great comfort ”.

From the former councilor the awareness that “research and training” must be at the center of policies and therefore “quality and not quantity to measure the value of a place or a cultural event”. Finally, the hope: “I hope there will be other opportunities – albeit in different forms – to make a contribution to my region”.

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At the moment the delegation to Culture and Tourism is in the hands of Emiliano as well as that of Health after the farewell of the epidemiologist Pierluigi Lopalco a few days ago. Lopalco, also of Apulian origins, was called in March 2020 by the president of the Puglia region to lead the task force of the regional coordination of Epidemiological Emergencies to deal with Covid-19. Then his candidacy to the regional and the appointment in the council. Shortly after he took office last year, he reported – also on his Facebook page – that he had a vision problem.

In the case of Bray, a decision dictated by personal and health reasons, for Lopalco differences on some choices. At the moment both proxies are withheld by Emiliano. But it should be a matter of a short time, pending new appointments.

Meanwhile, the comment from the president of Puglia arrives. «I thank him – he writes – for always having carried out his activity as assessor without ever saving energy and dedication. I thank him because, in leaving the delegation, he is transmitting to all of us the desire to continue to be close to us. And we need to continue to confront him, for the good of Puglia. His professional and human qualities have enabled us to achieve important goals, despite the difficult times of the pandemic. The feelings he expresses in his letter are the same as I am feeling at this moment. “

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