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Purchased cards to change skins? “Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic” mobile game cited doubts |

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Xinwang News on September 14(Reporter Zheng Qiannan) Citizen Ms. Wang bought a gift box for 148 yuan in the game “Harry Potter: Magic Awakening”. “The previous game interface stated that the card that can be received immediately after purchase has become a skin. I want a card. You need to upgrade before you can claim it. Now there are only twenty days before the end of the event, and it is difficult for players to reach this level. Isn’t this misleading consumption and deceiving players?” The customer service staff of the game told Xinwang (0532-80889431) , The icons of cards and skins are similar, which may indeed bother players. But if you look closely, you will find the difference between the two, “There are also text instructions in the game interface.”

Is the card in the gift box changed to a skin?

“Harry Potter: Awakening of Magic” is a mobile game officially authorized by the original “Harry Potter”, developed by NetEase Games. After the game was officially launched on all platforms on September 9, it attracted many fans and players to join. But along with the high heat, players also question whether the game deceives consumers.

Ms. Wang told Xinwang that the game has a luxury gift box worth 88 yuan, which contains the cards she wants. The 148 yuan golden satin luxury gift box not only contains all the gifts in the 88 yuan gift box, but also can receive one more card and some gold coins. “The icon of the card I received more is the same as the card I want in the previous gift box. The card icons are the same.”

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On September 12, after placing the order, Ms. Wang discovered that the gift included in the 148 yuan gift box was different from what she had seen before. “The card that should have been given away has turned into a skin. Isn’t this deceiving consumers?” What makes Ms. Wang even more angry is that the game interface previously stated that you can receive it immediately after purchase, but now it has become a need to upgrade to Cards can be obtained at level 100.

(Source: Party)

Ms. Wang said that there are only 20 days left before the end of the event, and it is difficult for consumers to reach level 100. “If you want to get that card, you can only continue to recharge. Why not put these rules before the gift box purchase Tell the consumer clearly?” Ms. Wang asked the game customer service to deliver the card or refund, but the other party refused.

Game customer service: Cards and skin icons are similar but different

Xinwang saw it on the online platform, and many players were also quite dissatisfied with it. “In less than a month, consumers can’t reach level 100 and get the so-called’directly obtained’ gifts in the gift box. Is this deceiving the player’s krypton gold?” “There is almost no difference between the card and the skin icon, compared with 88 yuan. For gift packages, merchants only add words such as’get it now’, so that users only pay attention to the content in the picture. This is to guide consumption and vague publicity!”

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In response, Xinwang called the customer service number of the game. A staff member said that on the gift box introduction page, the icons of cards and skins are indeed similar, which may bother players. “At first glance, they are similar, but they are not the same. Customers who look closely will find the difference between the two.”

So why do you want to make the two icons so similar? “In addition to the icons, we also have text on the page stating, “Purchase is to get the legendary quality card skin.” Maybe the player didn’t understand the situation. So I bought a gift box of 148 yuan. Later, you can receive the skin instead of the card, and the card needs to be unlocked by the player to obtain it.” The staff member said.

Regarding the difficulty for the player to get the card in the remaining time, the staff member said that the player can reach the required level if they complete the task normally every day, “We also hope that the player can receive all the rewards.” And, the game is purchased normally. In the case of, there is no rollback operation, “Therefore, the player cannot be refunded.”

Consumers’ Association: Complaints can be made to the market supervision department

After getting a reply from the game party, Xinwang saw from the game interface of the gift box provided by Ms. Wang that although the content of the gift box contains the words “get card skin”, the two icons are indeed very similar, which looks very similar at first glance. The same style, after careful inspection, you will find that the card has more light spots than the icon on the skin.

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(Source: Party)

A staff member of the Qingdao Consumers Association stated that if players believe that the game is misleading consumption, “it is recommended to communicate with the game customer service first, and then complain to the market supervision department where the NetEase game platform is located.”

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