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PYRAMAZE – Announce new album “Bloodlines” & release music video

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PYRAMAZE – Announce new album “Bloodlines” & release music video

Danish prog and power metal band PYRAMAZE have announced the release of their new album! “Bloodlines” will be released on June 23, 2023 via the Hamburg label AFM Records!

After “Broken Arrow”, the first single released earlier this year, another foretaste was released today in the form of the new music video for the song “Fortress”. The band reveals:

“In Fortress we incorporated some of our traditional elements and combined them with a modern cinematic atmosphere. With hard-hitting staccato strings, powerful vocals, driving rhythm guitars and drums, and moving and melodic keyboard passages, “Fortress” should please fans of both old and new Pyramaze.”

You can now see the new video clip here:

PYRAMAZE are an exceptional phenomenon in the international metal scene: Their sound combines numerous traditional melodic and progressive metal trademarks, but thanks to their unique feeling for great melodies – in connection with a certain openness for contemporary arrangements and further development – an immensely high recognition value .

The band is known for their technical finesse, which combines various influences from progressive rock and power metal. Often melodic and atmospheric, complex guitar riffs and solos meet synthetic sound backdrops by PYRAMAZE.

In recent years, PYRAMAZE has rocked numerous stages in Europe and North America, displaying their energetic live performance and impressive musicianship. The band has long built a loyal following and is considered by many metal fans and music journalists to be one of the most innovative and talented bands of their generation.

Bloodlines was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Evergrey, Pretty Maids), who is also the guitarist for PYRAMAZE. The album will be released on June 23rd, 2023 via AFM Records, and can be pre-ordered now!

Bloodlines Tracklist:

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01. Bloodlines
02. Taking What’s Mine
03. Fortress
04. Broken Arrow
05. Even If You’re Gone
06. Alliance
07. The Midnight Sun
08. Stop the Bleeding
09. The Mystery
10. Wolves of the Sea


Terje Harøy (Vocal)
Jacob Hansen (guitar, bass)
Jonah Weingarten (Keyboard)
Toke Skjønnemand (Guitar)
Morten Gade Sørensen (Drums)


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