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Qin Lan’s home refrigerator sticker seals self-discipline message and laughs at netizens |

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[Epoch Times July 08, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Zhong Youchun) On the evening of July 7, mainland actress Qin Lan sighed on Weibo: “Well, as a female artist, you need self-discipline… ice cream or something. It’s sinful to think about it at night.” In the photos she posted, the refrigerator was sealed with a seal, and the card on the side also said “Sister can’t”. Self-discipline left a comment and laughed at netizens.

Qin Lan became popular because of her role as “Queen of Fucha” in “Strategy of Yanxi Palace”, and then starred in fashion dramas such as “Blame You Too Beautiful” and “Rational Life”, and her capable image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The 40-year-old has maintained a frozen appearance and a slim figure for many years. On the 7th, she posted a photo of the sealed refrigerator at home and posted a post “As a female artist requires self-discipline.” The pictures and texts make people laugh.

Fans laughed after seeing the seal and left a message: “It’s not very harmful and very insulting.” Qin Lan said: “This seal is really not easy to buy.” Some netizens left a message “Eat if you want,” Qin Lan responded, “Be self-disciplined.” People”. A netizen posted a few photos of ice cream and deliberately asked “How do I eat for you?” Qin Lan answered “You are too much.” A photo of a refrigerator sparked a heated discussion.

Qin Lan, who is about 41 years old, is 166 cm tall and has maintained a weight of 45 kg. A few years ago, she added 10 kilograms of fat to a movie, and then she lost it all at once for the drama “Strategy of Yanxi Palace” and returned to her original slim figure.

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Qin Lan once published a healthy weight loss method in the fashion magazine “Jia Ren”: breakfast is mainly fruit, every meal must be eaten on time, the habit of tucking in the abdomen is cultivated, and one hour of walking after meals every day. In her own words, “Usually eat only six to seven minutes full, walking and running just to eat a few skewers.” Choose healthy and low-fat ingredients in the diet, such as oatmeal, fruits, fruit juices, etc., and ensure that you drink plenty of water every day. And moderate exercise.

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