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QQ Music Win11/10 UWP 4.2.1 update: add recommended page_search_user_page

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QQ Music Win11/10 UWP 4.2.1 update: add recommended page_search_user_page

IT House August 4 news, QQ Music Win11/10 UWP version has recently ushered in 4.2.1 version updateadded a new “Recommendation Page”, and fixed the search failure problem.

As you can see from the main page of QQ Music UWP 4.2.1 version,When the user logs in to QQ Music, the recommendation page will become the default pagewhile the previous music hall was placed in the second column.

Users can use this pagePersonal radio, 30 songs per day, playlist recommendationWait. However, in the IT Home test, the personalized radio function is still unavailable, and the song information is displayed abnormally.

In addition, the previous version 4.2.0 has supportedSearch MV, singerthe function is further completed.

IT House learned that QQ Music UWP is testing more improvements, includingDark Mode, Sidebar, Search Menu Translucentand many more.

According to the store, QQ Music is an online music platform launched by Tencent. It is the leading platform for genuine digital music services in China‘s Internet field. It is also a free music player that provides users with smooth online music and colorful music. music community service. Online audition of massive music library, karaoke lyrics mode, online debut of the most popular new songs, super easy-to-use music management, Green Diamond users can also enjoy high-quality music audition, genuine music download, free space background music settings, MV viewing and other privileges.

Previously, the Windows Store version of QQ Music was renamed QQ Music UWP, and the Win32 version of QQ Music was launched.And QQ Music UWP will be removed from the Xbox, and it is not expected to be updated in the future.Return to Sohu, see more

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