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Quantity of food for barbecue – Panelaterapia

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Quantity of food for barbecue – Panelaterapia

The amount of food for a barbecue is something that immediately comes to mind when you think about inviting people to a party, after all, who has never asked themselves: How much meat per person? How many drinks per person or how many side dishes?

The idea of ​​this post is to try to bring you a basic rule that can help you a lot when shopping for the “barbecues” at the “findi”.

The ideal amount of meat per person

First of all, remember that this is a guide with an average estimate of consumption for an adult person, which may vary up or down depending on the region and eating habits, so use this as an initial parameter and adjust as you feel. the “hunger of your people”.

We consider 550g of assorted meat per person but stop long lasting barbecuesto eat very well, without any risk of missing out.

For barbecues with lots of side dishes, we consider 400 to 500g.

Individual consumption in a short-term barbecue

However, if it is a basic barbecue, the kind that has a time to end or is an afternoon, we can consider the following:

Beef, per person:

Steak: About 200 to 300 grams. Sausage: 150 to 200 grams. Ribs: 300 to 400 grams.

Pork, per person:

Pork chops: 200 to 250 grams. Pork sausage: 150 to 200 grams.

Birds, per person:

Chicken: 150 to 200 grams. Side dishes:


Calculate 2 to 3 loaves per person, but this depends on the type and size.


On average, 100 to 150 grams per person, but only consider it if you have a variety of salads, such as mixed, potato, pasta, etc.

Sauces and condiments:

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Have a variety of sauces available, so estimate about 30 to 50 ml per person.

Quantity of meat for a barbecue for 100 people

Example 1. Basic barbecue: Here are the people who like meat, but those who pester the grill to release the first round and are not interested in side dishes.
30kg carne
15 kg chicken
10 kg of sausage

Example 2. Various barbecue: For this type of barbecue, beef shares the spotlight with other types of meat and this way the barbecue chef can organize himself.
10 kg chicken
20kg beef
10 kg of sausage
10 kg pork
5 kg little heart

Amount of charcoal for a barbecue for 100 people:

8 to 10 bags of 3kg depending on the depth of the barbecue, it can vary a lot, as the deeper it is, the greater the charcoal consumption.

Quantity of Non-Alcoholic Drinks for 100 people:

80 liters of soda;
30 liters of juice;
40 liters of water.

Number of BBQ side dishes for 100 people:

Rice: 4kg
Farofa: 3kg
Vinaigrette: 4kg
Mayonnaise (use 5 kg of potatoes and 3 kg of carrots).

More ideas for your barbecue

If you are one of those who can’t live without a picanha, then take a look at this post where I teach you how to make a good picanha barbecue or this special garlic bread, for those who love a sandwich, you can’t miss the barbecue snack and of course I couldn’t miss the macaroni.

To close, I leave an oven-baked T-Bone but only for those who don’t have a barbecue (after all, this is a barbecue post) and a Carreteiro Rice to make with leftovers from the barbecue.

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So if you liked this post about the amount of food for your barbecue, leave your comment here telling me what was missing in this “barbecue tutorial” and if you make any barbecues, invite me!

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