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Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Statue Unveiled in UK, Corgis Take Center Stage

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Queen Elizabeth II memorial statue unveiled in UK, corgis become “protagonist”

Release time: 22:16 on April 23, 2024 Source: China News Network

According to the New York Times report on April 22, on April 21, local time, a memorial statue of Elizabeth II was unveiled in Oakham, England. In this bronze statue, three corgis accompany Elizabeth II. About 50 corgis from the citizen group “Welsh Corgi Alliance” also came to the scene and took a group photo in front of the statue.

In September 2022, Queen Elizabeth II of England passed away. “Our strongest impression of Queen Elizabeth is her passion,” local official Sarah Furness said in her unveiling speech. “By showing Queen Elizabeth’s love of dogs, we show her humanity.” The statue was created by artist Pratley who said in an interview that depicting the Queen in an affectionate way reflected the memory of many British people about the Queen’s “almost mother-like figure”.

The presence of the corgis at the unveiling ceremony added a touch of warmth and nostalgia to the event, as these dogs were known to be beloved companions of Queen Elizabeth II. The corgis stole the spotlight, becoming the “protagonists” of the day and capturing the hearts of those in attendance.

The memorial statue serves as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and her legacy, highlighting her love for her furry friends and showcasing her as a compassionate and relatable figure. The unveiling ceremony was a touching and meaningful event, honoring the memory of the Queen and celebrating her connection to the people and pets of the United Kingdom.

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