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Queen Elizabeth II will skip the COP26 reception after a few days in hospital

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Since then, the news that the Queen will skip plans to attend the COP26 summit was announced a few hours after her first formal engagement-despite the fact that it was an engagement from Windsor Castle. Overnight in the hospital. The trip to Northern Ireland was cancelled last week.

Buckingham Palace said in a press release on Tuesday: “Her Majesty today conducted a virtual audience through the video link of Windsor Castle.” She added that she had hosted the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea John King and the Ambassador of Switzerland Marcus Leitner.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said last week that the 95-year-old King entered a “preliminary investigation” after she followed the doctor’s instructions to cancel the flight and rest.

A source close to the palace told CNN at the time that her hospitalization “has nothing to do with the new crown virus.”

The Queen and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will attend a church service in Armagh last Thursday to commemorate the centennial of Northern Ireland’s partition and the founding of the nation.

The Queen is expected to attend the evening reception in Glasgow on Monday. Buckingham Palace stated that it will send a letter to the assembled representatives through a recorded video message.

Earlier this month, hearing the Queen’s voice and lack of action to respond to the climate crisis was “disturbing”.

Last week, a British magazine denied her title of “Old Song of the Year”, saying that she did not meet “relevant standards.” She rejected the award “politely but firmly” through her assistant personal secretary, with “best wishes”.

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“Her Majesty thinks you are as old as you feel, so the Queen thinks that you do not meet the relevant standards to accept her, and hopes to find a more acceptable recipient,” Tom Linbeck said in a statement. letter.

Earlier this month, the Queen decided for the first time to use a cane in public as a “comfort”.

Although the queen did not seem to slow down in her ceremonial duties, she has since distributed long-distance trips to other family members.

However, she still travels extensively in the UK, and conservative CNN estimates show that the Queen traveled more than 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) from October 1st to October 19th.

CNN launched “Royal News”, a new weekly newsletter that lets you know the inside story of the royal family, what they did in public, and what happened inside the palace walls. Record herNS。

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