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Queen, the memorabilia on display in Milan

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Queen, the memorabilia on display in Milan

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An unprecedented journey into the history of one of the most famous bands in the world, through the lens of someone who observed and experienced that story up close: I am indeed “Queen Unseen”, as the title of the exhibition, which can be visited until 21 April, states. at the Luciana Matalon Foundation in Milan.

Offering this look is Peter Hince, Queen’s road manager for ten years. Despite never having been appointed their official photographer, “because the band trusted me and my cameras – says Hince – I managed to capture these rare images”, some iconic, all very intense and which tell the story of the years, since 1977 to 1986, which decreed the success of the group.

Over 100 photos

Over 100 photos are proposed – as European previews, some also as international previews – in this exhibition (which, after stops in Turin, Rimini and Rome, arrives in Milan, the only Italian city in which Queen held a concert, at the Palasport in San Siro, in 1984): in those shots, a story made up of memorable tours, packed stadiums, innovative videos, like the one for “I want to break free”, comes to life. And this is how, in the exhibition itinerary, we see the members of the group again in the costumes of that video or Mercury without a moustache, posing in front of the writing “The great pretender”, or in the “real” photo that stands out on the poster of the exhibition, taken in 1987 by Hince (who, having embarked on a career as an advertising photographer after ’86, nevertheless continued to portray Queen).

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Pinball and memorabilia

But there are also, and above all, images of musicians in breaks, perhaps while playing pinball, or in the studios and backstage. Like one of the author’s favorites, in which Mercury’s gaze, his pose, seem to reflect his soul. The photos are accompanied by over a hundred memorabilia, documents and objects coming partly from the collection of the collector Niccolò Chimenti.

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