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Rabbit – Bardo – HeavyPop.at

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Rabbit – Bardo – HeavyPop.at

by Oliver on December 4, 2023 in EP

In the last few meters of 2022 Rabbit with Halo of Flies another small but emphatic EP highlight. Less than six months later they started the next short format Bardo still adequate.

The fact that Bardo can’t completely maintain the level of the Fadener release fades into the background in view of the fact that the New Yorkers easily underline their status as one of the most compelling hardcore combos out there at the moment, along with an increase in conciseness.
11 minutes of intense pressure are enough for this, because the opener is already there Dharmarama Over an effectively used 74 seconds as an immediate, thrashing introduction, the pit moves from escalation to a sluggish pace, radical and brutal: what energy and vehemence!

Tail Wags Dog hurls his riffs from death into the pounding hardcore, howls so poisonously and aggressively, stepping on the accelerator with a snarling bull’s neck. Manabinge rocks his metallic punk kerosene with his legs apart on the sludge while the highlight Haus die Slayer‘esque thrash side of the band galloping along intricately Accept‘s attitude bullied – and the Bardo otherwise not as idiosyncratic as before Halo of Flies obsessively nagging blackened vocals emerge. Splendid!
The viscous Anti-Priest Summons Baphomet After that, it only starts to spin freely, it’s so concentrated and condensed with heavy immovability, but it’s a well-rounded conclusion to an EP that has a longer lead time than last year Halo of Flies was the case) will probably have to be seen again in many a best of list at the end of 2023.

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BARDO by Rabbit

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