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Radian – Distorted Rooms – HeavyPop.at

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Radian – Distorted Rooms – HeavyPop.at

by Oliver on December 8, 2023 in Album

Seven years after One Dark Silent Off step Radian on Distorted Rooms With a playful nonchalance, they provide proof that they still move effortlessly in the elite league of experimental sound art.

In the downright sparse spectrum of obvious improvisation, it’s great on its own, like the outstanding centerpiece Skycreep12 (after the hasty Cicada and in front of the one that creates gripping tension and suspense with pure minimalism Stack) collects apparently random noises lying around into a dreamlike trance, the chaos is transformed into structure, while the album-length abstraction is given a stringent form by means of consistently masterful drumming as the central thread of the narrative: the hypnotic atmosphere follows reduced grooves with a meditative matter-of-factness, which feed on distant jazz premonitions, otherworldly electroacoustic krautrock or mechanical avant-garde.
The cryptic, mysterious atmosphere is not only interesting, but really captivating, fascinating and rewarding for every patience. It’s just a shame (and costs the rounding up in the points ranking) that the understatement practiced by Martin Brandlmayr (drums, electronics), John Norman (bass) and Martin Siewert (guitars, electronics) is a shame Distorted Rooms (maybe just consistent?) at just 38 minutes, it’s too short for an actual rush, especially since the meticulous craftsmanship is done S At the Gates is also resolved in a relatively underwhelming finale.

Distorted Rooms by Radian

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