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RadiciGroup launches tights with recycled pet and invests in the sustainable supply chain

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«We have been investing in sustainability for 40 years and we certify our vision and commitment to protecting the environment and people in the specific balance sheet, which we have been preparing for 15 years, well in advance of legal obligations. This is why we have learned and believe that sustainability projects in the textile-fashion-clothing sector must be of the supply chain, must see the collaboration of companies with different but specific skills and with the same desire to create a different and better economic model “. In these words lies the essence of the entrepreneurial choices of Angelo Radici, president of RadiciGroup, whose head office is in Villa d’Ogna, in the province of Bergamo, and who represents one of the textile excellences of Lombardy and of the Bergamo district in particular.

With a 2019 turnover that had exceeded one billion euros and over 3 thousand employees, RadiciGroup is a company that can really make a difference on issues such as sustainability, with its internal choices and, perhaps even more, with the projects shared with other companies. Specialized in polyamides, synthetic fibers and technopolymers intended for applications in various fields, but mainly in the textile-fashion sector, in April alone RadiciGroup announced two new collaborations. The first with Oroblù: from the brand of socks owned by Csp International of Mantua was born Oroblù Save the Oceans, the first tights in Italy made with yarns obtained from the recycling of pet bottles.


The second collaboration is with Macron, a company born in Bologna in 1971 and which has always specialized in sportswear. From the union of skills and vision came another first in Italy, after that of the tights with Oroblù: the first sports sock created with nylon 6 yarn for mechanical recovery and made industrially. The highly innovative and recently launched RadiciGroup yarn used is called Renycle and is the only Italian yarn made from 100% nylon 6, also from mechanical recycling.

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“There are more and more people, companies and political leaders aware of the climate and environmental emergency, as confirmed by the recent global summit wanted by American President Joe Biden and all the ambitious goals announced by the countries that participated – underlines Angelo Radici -. But the projects must be concretized: we are convinced that the way is the circular economy, certainly in the textile-fashion sector ».

The sock made with Macron

Each product designed for the final consumer, from pret-a-porter to accessories, from technical clothing to sportswear, involves many companies, raw materials and processes. For a finished garment to be recyclable, every component must be recyclable and, as the president of RadiciGroup explains, the fewer components there are, the better. “We are seeing a lot of greenwashing, as has been said for some time. Companies and brands talk about recycling, reuse, reuse. At RadiciGroup we prefer to announce the results rather than the objectives – he specifies -. But lately we have decided to communicate more and better what lies behind our project: I believe that the sensitivity of end consumers, especially younger ones, has changed. They are the first to ask for transparency and traceability and are the first to understand that the current linear economic model must change, aiming to become circular ».

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