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Rainbow Fart | Pregnant moms, come here! Emma Roberts’ “Beautiful Mom Dressing Class” starts | Dressing | Pregnancy | Celebrity Street Shooting

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Rainbow Fart | Pregnant moms, come here! Emma Roberts’ “Beautiful Mom Dressing Class” starts | Dressing | Pregnancy | Celebrity Street Shooting

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Original title: Rainbow Fart | Pregnant moms, come here! Emma Roberts’ “Beautiful Mom Dressing Class” starts

Recently, many newspaper friends came to the broadcast and said: I want to see what to wear during pregnancy! The editor took a small notebook and wrote it down, and it also comes with a guide to cover the flesh during the recovery period!

Emma Roberts has exported a lot of beautiful photos during her pregnancy. Zhang Zhang is beautiful and gentle, and it seems to be more radiant than usual.

And Nicky Hilton’s pregnancy street shots are also beautiful and fresh.

It is a wonderful experience that expectant mothers deserve to be able to maintain beauty and spend their pregnancy comfortably. After reading today’s article, maybe you who are troubled by what you wear during pregnancy will have a lot of confidence~

????‍♀️Pregnant fairy style????‍♀️

Puff sleeve tutu skirt hides belly and is cute

Emma is usually a little expert in dressing up, and she will not be lazy when she wants to be a mother, but the choice of items is still somewhat different from before pregnancy.

During her pregnancy, the single item with a particularly high appearance rate was the puff sleeve tutu skirt. Therefore, wearing it can not only hide the pregnant belly in a low-key manner, but also give a sense of security to the pregnant mother who is transitioning to the safe period, and comfort is also a key word.

She tried a lot of styles in various colors and prints. This pink polka-dot design is playful and retro, and is a fashionable pregnant mother.

Maybe because Emma is small, she chooses short skirts more, because it can show her slender limbs, and she still works hard to elongate the proportion.

But if you want to take a more relaxed and comfortable route, this long style is also recommended.

There are also many pregnant mothers who have the problem of swollen limbs. The long-sleeved + long-skirt dress has a sense of volume, which will give away some swelling~

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Some time ago, this princess-style tutu skirt has always been very ????, and girls who are not pregnant mothers also love this one. After all, wearing a meat cover makes you look thinner and age-reduced, and she is very cute.

The elegant white long skirt is very fairy-like and fluttering. The tailoring is more three-dimensional and can hold the abdominal line, and at the same time can create a literary style of temperament, which is very eye-catching.

Pregnant mothers choose skirts, pay special attention to the fabrics, and choose more silky and drapey dresses to be more comfortable and gentle~

Ankle-length dresses with a holiday feel are also very suitable for pregnancy, and the color sense can be more interesting, like blue, which is very suitable for skin tone.

There are also puff sleeve dresses suitable for pregnancy, and the editor found two ????.

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Fanloh Summer Square Neck Puff Sleeve Dress

Price: 239CNY

A playful printed puff-sleeve dress for early and mid-pregnancy! The creamy white base color is matched with a fresh blue print, which is gentle and cute.

The skirt version is also very good. It is the one that hides the flesh and shows thinness. If the pregnant mother wants to keep a low profile for the time being, it is right to choose it.

Click on the card to buy directly

HeyDress French V-neck elegant dress

Price: 399 CNY

Don’t look at the skirt version first, just look at the fabric of this skirt and want to push it to pregnant mothers who need it. This skirt is made of ice-oxygen cotton material, which is breathable and comfortable.

Moreover, the design of the skirt has both a tethered waist and a loose and lazy way of wearing. It is a customs clearance style that can be worn from the first trimester to the third trimester. It is recommended!

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????Now fashion elegant and dazzling “belly”????

elastic slim dress

Pregnancy itself is something to celebrate, so those who don’t want to be low-key have taken the lead in liberating their belly (such as riri) – now it’s popular to show off “belly”.

Choosing a tight and elastic dress can not only show off the identity of a new mother proudly, but also exude the most memorable and charming femininity belonging to the mother.

Elsa wore a black dress when she was pregnant that year, showing off her pregnant belly generously, with a sense of lines????.

Sister-in-law also wore sexy suspenders during pregnancy to show off her “belly” beautifully. Sexy and elegant coexist, which is very beautiful.

This kind of tight and elastic dress can wrap the mother’s body well, the exclusive lines of pregnant mothers, not to show at this time, when to show it?

This button-up dress is not only convenient for pregnant women to put on and take off, but also maintains the fashion.

How many buttons to tie a pregnant mother can adjust according to her comfort level. If it is cold in the air-conditioned room, it is also very cool to wear a knitted sweater outside.

Moreover, the designs of this style of dress are becoming more and more diverse, and in autumn, you can also choose knitted styles, which are more gentle.

The sporty long skirt with Polo collar can add a lot of sunshine and vitality to pregnant mothers, and is very suitable for expectant mothers who travel during pregnancy.


Moreover, this skirt can be worn on both sides, with a straight neck on one side and a V neck on the other, so you can play with different styles according to your mood.

????How to wear during the recovery period after giving birth? ????

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In fact, just after giving birth, the style you can wear is not much different from the style during pregnancy. But new mothers are in the recovery period, and the most important thing is definitely comfort.

Sister-in-law Rose HW went on vacation with her baby in a long white linen dress after giving birth. A very breathable and comfortable skirt, suitable for recovering mothers.

You can’t go wrong with this kind of fabric that feels smooth and comfortable to the naked eye.

Off-white and khaki-colored items are also very suitable for pregnant mothers who have just given birth. A single product with a calm and gentle tone may buffer some anxiety for novice mothers.

Of course, many mothers still have fashion needs.

Try a loose-fitting shirt for both comfort and style.

Oversize shirts can not only bring some space to the post-pregnancy recovery period, but also match well. Wearing a pair of comfortable Biker Shorts underneath would also look good.

Or pair it with a pair of cotton and linen Bermuda shorts to create a lazy and chic feeling. As for shoes, this year’s popular king “Pig cage sandals” comes with a pair.

There are also many choices of shirt suits now, and with different items, the styles are also very different.

The blogger has paired sunglasses and an underarm bag in this look, and it feels like it can be worn for commuting.

Finally, a T-shirt is planted. This loose white Crop Top paired with straight jeans can subtly cover the abdominal line without being loose and tight.

There are also more stain-resistant colors to choose from, and the version is absolutely friendly.

Collect this guide, I wish pregnant mothers a good pregnancy and beautiful!

Image source: Visual ChinaNetwork

Editor: Stacy

Written by: Viki

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