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Real Estate – Daniel – HeavyPop.at

by Oliver on February 26, 2024 in Album

Only fans who liked the title of the sixth were invited to one of the shows preceding the record release Real Estate Studio albums had their own name in some way. Daniel but now it is there for everyone.

And that’s what it means with the opener, which has such a familiar, homely signature sound Somebody New with his typically clear, sparkling guitars, an immediately warm and soft welcome that makes your heart open, far from any accusations of stagnation.
Also because there is already a subtle hint here that Built to Spill this time in many facets more formative than ever before Real Estate and their soft summer jangle pop, which later played the ideal single thanks to its simple, absolutely catchy and unobtrusive nature Water Underground is underlined with its amiable groove.

Elsewhere, if you look with a magnifying glass, you will be able to find vague nuances of trace elements of country and Americana – for example in the subversive catchy tune Haunted World (the one with lines like “An unfamiliar place/ With a familiar song/ Got nowhere else to be/ No turn you make is wrong“ ideally captures the character of the record and, symptomatically, can afford to use its chorus a bit too repetitively, because nothing threatens to oversaturate this pleasant breeze of an album anyway) and even more so in the one sung by bassist Alex Bleeker Victoriawhich jangles and burbles like a reminiscence of the recording location Nashville, but also predates Kurt Vile and of course the Kings bowed.

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Even after the disarming introduction proves Daniel Incidentally, more catchy immediacy and presumed sustainability than its predecessor The Main Thing and the interim EP Half a Human.
Flowers runs padded stomping along under a vague shimmer of shoegaze up to a charismatic solo, Interior For a long time, he scrapes cautiously over an organ carpet that has fallen over time, until the rhythm allows the hippie-like, chilling 70s flair to blossom in the in-house sovereign zone. Freeze Brain impresses with its vintage sound built on the bass and the airy space above, in which a few piano tones and dreamy guitars cultivate a disembodied, peaceful psychedelia and, like in the similarly hallucinogenic Market Street, grooving suspiciously in the lava lamp light, the fabulous production by Daniel Tashian beyond the quality of the actual songwriting.

The quick double ensures even more variability in dynamics, without having to break up the coherent flow or panorama of the album Say No More (a quicker, more hurried and danceable articulation of well-behaved naivety) and Airdrop (which on its synth basis is jagged and airy contrasted by touches of analogue) before the closer You Are Here with a hip hop-affinous beat and open structures, aimlessly dozing around his sound cosmos and, in his ambition for reliability, conjures up the romantic squaring of the circle, so to speak: “What is it that you want to hear?/ There’s only so much time/ Best we can do is be happy here/ Sing another line/ A point in a circle/ A peak in the signal/ A spoke in the cycle/ You are here“.

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Daniel from Real Estate

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