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Rebel Technology Ƴɱ DSP Ķ渴ֺϳ Witch

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Rebel Technology Ƴһɱ DSP ĸֺϳ Witchжϳ棬̵ûʹDSP Լɫ

Witch һͶ๦游ϳɶʹãMIDIģԼMIDIMPEĿʹã䱸ĸͬĺϳ棬а

  • SubTract 48dB г˲ģϳ
  • Elder ģ⹲ϳ
  • WaveBank βϳ
  • QuadSampler ֵ˲IJ


  • Expression ģʽṩ߿Ʋ֧ MPE
  • Performance ģʽṩ߿ơҺʹͳ MIDI ֧

뿴 Witch ĽƵԭƵַhttps://youtu.be/1YNMhf6XKsE)

ܰɷTap Tempo LFOɱ״ǿЧIJ֡8Ԥɫȫ Rebel Technology ԼҰ300ɫ OWL ƽ̨ΪҪǣûʹֵ֧ DSP ԣ Pure DataMax GenSOULFaustMaximilian C++Լɫĺϳ༭ɱ༭ԼǴ OWL ɫصɫ

ĺϳ༭ https://witch.rebeltech.org/

Witch 2 USB / CV ӡ㲻ϳе WitchЧMIDI 豸ȥʹ

뿴 Witch ĽƵԭƵַhttps://youtu.be/NT4tukOAtPU)

뿴 Witch ĽƵԭƵַhttps://youtu.be/Y2FVEi5gGUo)

Witch ϳۼۣ295 ŷԪ⣬㻹befaco ϹDIYɢװ׼汾



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