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Rebuilding the Grand View Garden: Behind the Scenes of “Dream of Red Mansions: The Golden Marriage”

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Dream of Red Mansions: The Golden Marriage Reveals Special Episode on Grand View Garden Reconstruction

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Li Li

The highly anticipated movie “Dream of Red Mansions: The Golden Marriage,” directed by Hu Mei, is set to be released this year. With the release of the “Secrets of the Grand View Garden” long poster and the “Reappearance of the Grand View Garden” special episode, fans are getting an inside look at the construction process of the iconic Grand View Garden.

Featuring twenty main characters including Jia Baoyu, Lin Daiyu, Xue Baochai, and Wang Xifeng in a beautiful display in the long scroll of the Grand View Garden, the movie is sure to captivate audiences. The painstaking construction process of the Grand View Garden in the film has also been unveiled for the first time.

Directed by Hu Mei and written by He Yanjiang, the star-studded cast includes Lin Peng, Lu Yan, Bian Cheng, Zhang Miaoyi, and Huang Jiarong, with Guan Xiaotong making a special appearance. The film, which also stars Wang Ban and Yuan Qiongdan in a friendship role, will be released nationwide in 2024.

The production of “Dream of Red Mansions: The Golden Marriage” dedicated a significant amount of effort to recreate the Grand View Garden. The crew visited various locations such as the Beijing Grand View Garden and Hebei Zhengding Rongguofu for inspiration before deciding to rebuild the garden from scratch.

Director Hu Mei shared her vision for the construction of the Grand View Garden, emphasizing the integration of new crafting concepts and a broader perspective into the design. She expressed, “This time, we aim to surpass the previous construction standards of ‘Dream of Red Mansions’ in terms of size, artistic height, and materials.”

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With a meticulous attention to detail, the crew meticulously reconstructed over 40 courtyard pavilions, including iconic structures like Yihong Courtyard and Xiaoxiang Pavilion. Every aspect of the building, from the traditional mortise and tenon structure to the carefully crafted fake stones, highlights the dedication to authenticity.

Although adapting the expansive novel “Dream of Red Mansions” into a movie is a daunting task, director Hu Mei chose to focus on the poignant love tragedy of Bao Daichai to create a new interpretation for a younger audience.

As writer Jiang Xun once described, the Grand View Garden is a “kingdom of youth.” Hu Mei echoed this sentiment by stating that the movie’s theme is “Long Live Youth,” showcasing the beauty and authenticity of the characters amidst a backdrop of family decline.

With its commitment to authenticity and a fresh perspective, “Dream of Red Mansions: The Golden Marriage” promises to bring the classic tale to life for a new generation of viewers.

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